Wawaitalian hoagie

Hi there, I was at the wawa on north point road this past sunday (mothers day) my daughters and I stopped in after the carnival to grab a bite to eat. It was a little after 7 pm. We ordered 3 hoagies, grabbed snacks and drinks and headed home. We sat down to eat. The second bite I took of my italian coldcut hoagie I felt something weird in my mouth.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dundalk, MD I pulled it out and it was a hair that was like tied in a circle and had lint all over it. I do have a picture. I don't know how something like that could end up in a sandwich. I then threw all of our sandwiches away and ordered dominos. From now on I will avoid going to wawa unless i need gas and its the only place around. The manager needs to get their store in order. Filthy.


May 18, 2017

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