Wawa / customer service representative

Holiday, FL, United States

I went to the Wawa in Holiday, FL on US Highway 19. There was a young customer service representative named David that was working the register. I had asked for 3 packs of 305's and they were ringing up at 4.30 per pack. They are cheaper at other stores so I was surprised at the price. Then under the Marlboro menthol the price was listed at 4.52. Since they were not that much more I decided to get the Marlboro instead. However, when he rang them up the price came up as 5.52 per pack. When I asked him why the sign said a different price he was very rude and said with an attitude that the price is 5.52 and asked if I wanted them or not. I wanted an explanation as to why they were being advertised for a different price and he was extremely unprofessional and was getting angry that I was asking. Because of the frustration I just paid for them. Then when I asked for a bag for the second time, he rolled his eyes, threw them in the bag and called the next person.

I am normally not one to complain, but he was just extremely rude to me and got angry because a customer was asking a simple question. He should have asked a manager for assistance if he did not know or understand why there was a price difference. It would also be nice to be properly greeted when going to and leaving the register area. He seems to be lacking customer service skills and needs to lose the attitude when working with customers. Maybe would suggest some more training.

Feb 1, 2017

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