Watch Repairs USAPoor Workmanship

Sent an old Omega in for a complete overhaul and restoration. Got the estimate and paid over $1300, assuming that the watch would be restored to its original condition. When it was finally shipped back, some two months later, there was a residue and discoloration on the dial - which was never there before. I sent in a complaint and was asked to send the watch back for warranty repair. Incredulously, I received an estimate for a further $295 to get the dial restored - and the claim by Watch Repair USA that the discoloration did not happen during their repair process and was due to age. Really??? I paid for an overhaul and restoration...what possible logic could they use to exclude the dial from a restoration??
Will NEVER do business with them again and will make absolutely sure i spread the word that this is not a professional organization, notwithstanding the glowing reviews on their website.

Feb 02, 2015

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