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My wife ordered Walkfit and a few days after receiving the shoe inserts, which suck by the way, a bunch of supplements showed up that we did not order and $200.00 of crap on her credit card. We disputed the charges. Today we received a letter from Walkfit complaining they could not charge another $27 to card and if we don't pay they will turn it over to a collection agency. What scammers. I plan to report them the the Georgia and California Attorny General's offices, you should do the same if you deal with these people.

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  • Mo
      Feb 13, 2009
    Walkfit America - Rip off!
    Walkfit America
    United States

    I ordered the product and was charged extra for S&H (which) I did not request. They took the money directly from my checking account. As a result, a check which I wrote a couple of days later bounced and although the check was honoured, my bank charged $34. When I complained, I was told that they would credit my account $15.00. Once I receive the credit, I will return the item (at my own expense) to get a refund of the item. I will lose money on the S&H because they won't eat that charge. Do not do business with Walkfit.

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  • Ma
      Apr 02, 2010
    Walkfit America - True rip off
    Walkfit America
    United States is misleading...chargeing $30.00 for shipping something so small...customer service is in India very rude people when you call, did not help at all. BBB needs to get involved and stop these crooks from ripping off consumers...true ripoff!!! Being charged for items you did not order. The worst part is calling a phone number for customer care and getting someone nmaed "peter" in India who reads a script and could care less about your problem...Very rude when I called when I tried to ask question they hung up...bad company...bad service...

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  • Cr
      May 20, 2010
    Walkfit America - Crooks
    Walkfit America
    United States

    I purchased two pair of Walkfit insoles on their web site. I have a pair which work well and wanted additional pairs. When they arrived, included in the package were gel inserts, which I did not order and which were sent to me on approval. In addition the amounts on the invoice were all wrong. I sent the entire order back to them with instructions to refund my money. I paid $59.53 for the insoles including almost $24 for shipping (more than the ad stated would be the cost). It cost me over $17 to return the order via UPS, but I didn't expect them to pay for return postage.

    I received confirmation via UPS that Walkfit received the returns and I call them to find out when I'd see my credit. I was told that it would appear in 7 to 10 days. It did.

    The credit I received was about $2.50 less than I should have received, but I decided just to let it be because it would not have been worth the hassle to talk to India to get the right amount.

    I read in another review that these insoles are available at Target, something I checked and found to be true. I don't remember having any problems when I ordered my original pair many years ago. I just will never order from them directly again.

    It's a shame that they've chosen to sell a product which I found to work via such underhanded and dishonest means.

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