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On May 26, 2017 at approximately 5:47 PM, I received an academic warning from Walden University concerning my doctoral program, the University is claiming that I did not meet the minimum standards for the program after we had completed the requirements for the APA publications manual. Because of this I have been placed on academic warning because my GPA is below 3.0 this would be a bit hard to believe, considering I came into the school with a GPA of 4.00 and I was a straight A, student coming from a Master’s degree program. In this report. My fellow students will get to personally review my writing style, as this is the report that will be sent to Walden upon my voluntarily withdrawing from the school. But before I go, I want my classmates to know that I did do work and I will be explaining a lot of reasons why I have decided to leave Walden. I will try to be simple and brief and concentrate only on the key points that I think are relevant to my withdrawal, unknowing to your surrounding classmates. There may be other classmates that are in a condition of distress, because of Walden academic procedures. Let’s look at some evidence. No student deserves a failing grade, if they have done some work, the only student that deserves a failing grade is a student that has done no work at all. Because there would be no basis to give a grade because no work was done.
A for-profit college or university is owned and run by a private organization or corporation. A for-profit school charges you tuition, but doesn’t necessarily spend it on your education. Instead, they spend a good deal of it on marketing and recruiting. A for-profit college’s primary objective is to make money, and they usually have to answer to their stockholders — not their students. They usually don’t pay their professors and instructors as much as the not-for-profit schools do, which may well result in less qualified, less motivated teachers. They rarely provide curricular opportunities. They usually don’t conduct research, and they often rent the space they use as opposed to investing in a property.
According to one study conducted by the Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment, alumni of for-profit colleges tend to earn lower salaries than their nonprofit alumni peers.
And many of these students aren’t even graduating. According to The New York Times, your odds of earning a bachelor’s degree from one of the leading for-profit schools is about 1 in 5, within six years. Your chances of defaulting on the loans you took out to pay for this bachelor’s degree? About 1 in 4, within three years. Even if you did want to gamble with your education, those are not very good odds.
According to a recent report issued by Senator Tom Harkin, most students entering a for-profit degree program dropped out. The median time from starting to quit? Four months. His study blamed this dropout rate on a lack of support for students.
This dropout rate may also have to do with the preparedness of the students who enter these programs. Many of these for-profit schools just don’t turn people away, whether they are ready for class or not. If I don’t have the skills to begin a degree program, and I apply to a not-for-profit school, my application is probably going to get rejected. If I don’t have the skills to begin a degree program, and I apply to a for-profit school, there’s a very good chance I’ll be accepted, whether I’m ready or not. Why? Because my check cleared.
in conclusion, I’ve presented to you information concerning academic warnings, a publication concerning the comparisons of profit and not-for-profit universities, key reasons why you should look deeper into your Walden academics more specifically, why is one specific course book being repeated six times over in the course, why are students not being allowed an opportunity to make up work, but instead are being pushed towards redoing the entire program at a greater expense, concerns about academic credits that should have been awarded and were not or will not be awarded, also concerns considering the fact that we have over a dozen students in different states filing complaint publications, these being the proven facts, with an unresponsive type of atmosphere, and a lack of concern for disability students. There are laws under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I will be withdrawing my academic pursuits, it Walden University. As I do not feel that I am getting any value for my money, and I do not feel that the University is really concerned with me getting the education I am paying for I believe they’re more concerned with getting paid than they are with my education. Dishonesty in the school.

Jun 22, 2017

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