Walden University / Irresponsible and fraudulent practice

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Walden University needs to be investigated for the irresponsible practices that exist within its DBA program. As some have already mentioned, their current practices keep students from graduating, not only in a timely manner but in or around the timeframe that they "sell" you when considering their program. They give no consideration to the thousands and thousands of both personal and federal funding that will never be recovered, as many students will just default on those loans when they finally realize that they have received nothing in return for the work and money. I had taken a sabbatical after making a career change which resulted in a study change. In order to jump back in, I took a 4 day intensive in Atlanta, which had been very productive, reviewed multiple times by the leadership present. I was strongly encouraged to choose a specific methodology based on the purpose of my study, and since the advice was given by respected leadership, I went down that road. I had to change chairs after 3 months ($12, 000 dollars paid) with no feedback. After the new chair change ~ who spent 7 months ($27000 dollars spent) doing nothing but reviewing my APA ~ it finally went to the methodologist, who then told me I needed to change my methodological design ~ which resulted in an entire re-write. In addition, the review process had started with one rubric which changed AFTER I was in the review process but I was not grandfathered in ~ this also add to the re-write process. It goes on and on, as do the bills. The leadership of Walden goes on and on about social change and the reality is that it needs to start with them. They need to feel a level of responsibility and be held accountable for the financial and emotional issues they are creating by 1. Keeping students in far longer than necessary due to the constant fluctuations and lack of cohesive leadership 2. Allowing students to join the program who ~quite frankly ~ may not be cut out for a doctoral program of this nature because their only concern is the bottom line, and 3. live out the "social change" they keep preaching.

Jan 27, 2015

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