VRBO / cancellation without explanation!

Rincon, PR, United States

We did our reservation for a condominium in Rincon, PR – reservation ID HA-5BCKCP on 11/09/16 and paid the April 2017, a few days prior to our arrival to PR from USA the owner send us a cancellation email without any explanations. After that, she stopped answering the phone or emails. We contacted VRBO for help, the only help they could offered was if we could find a similar unit at similar price — they were eager to help us with a new reservation, but no monetary assistance if the new unit was more expensive. After several phone calls, we could not find a unit that was similar in price in the same area. At that point, VRBO offered to help with the price difference, but the VRBO representative was not sure what the cap was for that difference. That difference amount was something to be revealed by another VRBO team after us paying in full the new reservation. To be honest, we did not like the sound of that. Therefore, we ran out of time to be dealing with VRBO, so upon arrival we had to choose a local hotel for our stay. VRBO never contacted the owner to demand an explanation or help by revealing how much money were they willing to help in order to for us to get a new rental in the same fact, not only do we feel that the owner owes us an explanation, but also owes us our travel expenses to PR. As for VRBO, they cannot help if you are stuck in this predicament and the owners could care less.

May 15, 2017

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