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Kearny, NJ, United States
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I purchased a brand new 2017 r... 4, 000 miles later engine light goes on... I took it lyndhurst volswagen they kept it for 2 days calling me saying they have no idea what it is they opened a case with volswagen technicians! Car is working perfectly fine but engine light will never go off! I called customer service the manager took the case in his hands and after weeks of still no answers tells "me there is yet still no solution to this problem this might take up to few months to review" few months??? 40, 000 dollar car!? Brand new?! Did I make you wait few months to pay for this car???!!! This is a joke! I call customer care every other day for an update! Customer service is a joke! Rude! And they don't care how much I paid for a car... They good as long as they getting paid for not doing there job! And every time I wanna speak to the case manager "oh sorry he's busy" "oh sorry he will call you back later" "oh he's not here" [censor] talk!!! Worst ever do not buy the r there seem to be lots of problems with it!!! And the customer care will not help you in any way

Sep 06, 2017

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