Volkswagen / volkswagen polo 1.4 comfortline 2013

Worcester, South Africa

I purchases a brand new vw polo in 2012. I have excellent service history and looked well after my car. On the 10th of July 2017 my car went for 105000 service. A month later my head gasket blew. I had no warning lights indicating to me that there was a fault on the car. As I would have pulled over. I only knew there was a problem once the gasket had blown already.

I contacted vw sa and informed them. They told me that I would have to have the car assessed and because it isnt in warranty anymore I would have to patly R5000 just for that.

My problem is that a new car with good service history to give major problems and the car is only 5 years old. My biggest concern is that there was no indication of any fault. And the terrible service received at vw because my car is not in warranty any more.

What standard of vehicle is volkswagen providing to consumers..?

Sep 15, 2017

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