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To the managing director/ceo
Re vin no: aavzzz6rzeu015102
Re reg no: nazu 786- zn

I am escalating this query through to you with the expectancy of a resolution as I have being dealing with my dealer and vwsa for months now and still have not resolved my query. I have purchased my first brand new volkswagen polo 1.4 comfortline in february 2014. I noticed defects on my vehicle days after purchasing my vehicle. I informed my dealership immediately who advised that I should bring in my vehicle to be assessed.

Faults picked my by myself and told to the dealership on the 19/02/2014 was
*head lights was off focused – dealership said it is too spec
*braking system was defective and unsafe. (I did not stop at the robot days after purchasing)- dealership said it needs to wear in
*left rear door pad was not aligned - was removed and refitted
*alignment was off - alignment was completed on the vehicle as they have found the tyre was pulled back

When my vehicle was returned, I had to complain again to vw umhlanga as repairs were not done correctly

My vehicle was booked in again on the 03/03/2014 as faults were not rectified

My vehicle was booked in again on the 12/03/2014 for the following faults

*head lights was off focused – was still off focused
*braking system was defective and unsafe - was not attended to and stated is to spec
*door pad was removed and refitted, has rattles – rattles were worst than before
*alignment was off - clear vision was off and alignment was done again
*quarter glass moulding was off - was noticed but not changed at that point
*flapping noise - could not detect any noised

At this point, my vehicle went in for the 3rd time in 3 weeks and was returned back on the 15/03/2014 with a scratched bumper. I had to drive to the dealership on the 17/03/2014 as this problem was persisting but management did not want to knowledge the problem and take accountability. the dealer principle, emma did not want to meet with me but she was available.

On the 24/03/2014 I met with emma demmer and deiter schauer. dieter assessed my vehicle on a road test. picked up the rattles on the door pads, rubber moulding was off. he did not even drive my vehicle but stated the alignment is fine if I hold the steering wheel with both hands. headlights is correct without even testing it. he even made a comment that the price I paid, I shouldn’t expect a perfect vehicle.

I had a lawyer communicating with vw umhlanga but it went on for months as the dealership dragging this query. by may I could drive the vehicle anymore with these faults and made arrangements to book in my vehicle at vw umhlanga again. after 4 days of having my vehicle, these faults were attended to.

• door pads-all door pads have been checked for security and all found to be in order. we have applied a rubber care compound on all door rubbers which reduces the “flex” sound that can occur on uneven surfaces.
• r/r quarter rubber has been replaced.
• r/f bumper edge has been polished.
• we have lifted the r/f head light level.
• the rear brake shoes have been readjusted and cleaned. a dust build can at times emit a “drone “ but is not in any way detrimental and can be attended to at regular servicing.
• we have taken the vehicle for a rolling brake test and can confirm that the brake efficiency of your vehicle has been found to be within spec and conforms to sabs standards.
• we have not been able to detect the flapping sound from the vehicle however several stones/foreign material was removed from the tyre tread.
• 2 road tests have been carried out on your vehicle, one at night (which included free way driving) and one during the day.

These are the faults that I am currently living with after chances and attempts at the dealership

*rattles on every door
*head lights off focused
*poor braking system
*alignment off
*sunroof is skew when closed
*flapping noise

I have contacted vwsa on numerous occasions only be told that they will investigate the matter and months later, my query has being forgotten. why purchase a new vehicle with so much of defects from a leading manufacturer who gives a * about their customers. I think it is time to take my concerns to the media. south africans would want to know about the 2014 polo since it was just launched. nobody should suffer the same faith as me. no response in 24 hours mean I can go ahead as planned which in clearly do not want. I have emailed, invoices, reports, job cards all of this to prove the validity of my claim.

Naheem shaik - [protected]

Aug 12, 2014
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  • Um
      Oct 06, 2014

    VW gives the worst service and fauty cars!!! I would not recomeend any one to buy VW. also bought my POLO 1.4 in Feb and havent been able to drive it for two days in a week straight.

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  • Um
      Oct 06, 2014

    Also bought my VW Polo 1.4 in Feb 2014. Has been in 6 times - faulty car, VW is giving me the worst service and making their problem mine!!! I wouldn't recommend these cars to anyone. Take back your faulty car and give me back my deposit!

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