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Mexico DF, Mexico
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I had problems with the online booking system of Volaris that caused me a lot of stress and made me spend a lot of money.

On November 29 2016, I booked via the website two seats for a flight from La Paz to Mexicali on December 13. I had to enter my payment details several times because the website had a bug and couldn’t register it. Finally, I moved on from this page to one confirming my flight information and giving me a booking number.
The day on which I was supposed to take my flight, I couldn’t reach Volaris website to register online because it had a major bug and was not available at the moment. I had to go to the airport counter to hear that Volaris didn’t have any reservation under my name.

I had to book the two seats right before flying, paying 100$ more for my plane tickets.

I’m a student and this extra expense was really a burden on my vacation budget. It was also really stressful to discover that I didn’t have any reservation when arriving at the airport.
Above all, I tried to contact Volaris to explain my problem (I have a screenshot of the webpage with my booking number on it) and their customer service page was not available. I finally reached them through their Facebook page to be told that, since the money wasn’t transferred, they considered that the reservation just didn’t succeed and they didn’t have anything to do with it.

Dec 19, 2016

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