Volarisairline tickets

L Jul 14, 2016

Purchase 19 airline tickets for a Cancun vacation, Direct flight from Tijuana to Cancun and returning from Cancun to Tjuana with a scale in Mexico, City. I change one of the names of the tickets for my niece because one of our family member had to cancel. Called Volaris and they made the change and charge me to change the name.
On our return they told me that they never change the name to my niece name, and they couldn't make the change. We show them the ticket from Tijuana to Mexico that was already change. Even though I show them my bank account where I was charge for the name and obviously they are the ones who made the mistake. They couldn't help me. I was in a state of panic because my niece is 15 yro and Type one Diabetic running low on supply. They had no mercy or compassion so I stayed behind with my niece and continue contacting the customer service line and no help at all. Looking for a hotel stranded. In desperation we pay for a one way ticket for my niece to Tijuana which was 460 dollars. Now I have 3 tickets. Once we are in the airplane my niece is setting next to me cause I have 3 boarding passes. The extra one which is the one that they could not change the name or re sale it to me. Next thing I know there is a passenger who is claiming I am in her seat. I show her my 3 boarding tickets and she is in shock and me too because the same ticket who was not being use has been sold again. The flight attended saw the both tickets and remove the lady and put her in a different seat. As if she knew and didn't question it, just avoided me. On our next flight from Mexico City to Tijuana it happen again. Only this time there were no seat available and they seated the person who they resold my ticket in a seat were the flight attends seat until I told them I purchase 3 tickets and show them which was the 3rd one so she can take that seat. The flight attendant was not surprise of what happen since is not something new. I was shock and disgusted on how they could not change the name even though they were the ones who made the mistake in the first place and they new that no one was going to be seated there so they sold it to another person, even though we begged them to resale it to us. I have proof because both customer who they re sold our tickets gave me there ticket so I can have it as proof.

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