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Volaris and all its personnel are people on a self-aggrandazing guest to feel power over customers in need of their service. They charge or deny services or assistance to others malevolently. This company's personnel are uneducated arrogant and rude. They have no regards to people emergencies and do not want to yield to customers' needs and from personal experience, neither TSA supervisors nor Custom agents can make them change their ways. The US really needs to create the bureau that over looks and regulate the horrible service international airlines offer US citizens. Beware to get on this airline aircraft over seas because you will be at their mercy for any charge or change to your itenerary. Also, regardless of embassy or consulate regulations, if they want to refuse you from boarding they simply can, as they most rudely said to me "we are not a US airline, we are a private Mexican company and we make our own policies." Also, Southwest is somewhat affiliated or owned perhaps by the same person, which makes sense why Southwest is also declining in service as stated recently on the news, denying a lady from boarding due to her cleavage size. Stay away from Volaris and maybe even Southwest.

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      Jan 22, 2019
    Volaris - MY flight Jan 3 to Guadalajara from Las Vegas.
    United States

    I will go to Guadalajara but is won't be on your airline. I will go on Jan 9. I go every year 3 or 4 times, look how much money you will lose. Plus I will tell all my friends about your bad treatment to me. You have some good employees it is not fair what you do to them. You could do better.

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