Vodafone Nl / selling faulty iphone

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Be careful when you buy any products or service from Vodafone, especially the shop in Rotterdam.
Vodafone is probably selling refurbished old iphone as the new ones to customers. And they are probably going to continue doing the same thing, because it is difficult for customers to prove that we have not changed the phone ourselves after purchasing it. And it is costly for individual investors to sue a big company.
I signed a two years subscription with an Iphone5 with Vodafone shop in Rotterdam Lijnbaan. The phone has been experiencing very short battery life and sudden power off, until it is completely dead two weeks ago. I brought it to the Apple store for repair, It turned out that the battery was modified (with a strange sticker on the battery) and Apple refuse to repair because of that.
When I went to the Vodafone to ask about the issue, the Vodafone employee kept saying I could have changed the battery myself. One employee actually did say it could be a mistake. And it HAPPENED before ! He suggested me to call the customer service. So I call the Vodafone customer service. Customer service on the phone has admitted Vodafone`s mistake and asked me to go to the shop to ask for a replacement of the phone. I went to the shop twice, the store manager still refused and keep saying I could have changed the battery myself, because he also change battery sometimes himself. I don`t even know how to open the phone. Why would I sign a two years contract, paying a high monthly fee to Vodafone and then tried to fixed the phone myself or bring it to a third party? And why would I waste my time and money commuting to the Apple store in Den Hague and Amsterdam to try to get the phone repaired if I knew the phone had unauthorized modification.
I told the Store manager that even the other employee the other day said it could be a mistake by Vodafone. The store manager became very aggressive and kept ask me to point out which employee said that.
I suspect the store manager is doing illegal deals by selling refurbished old iphone as the new ones to me and other customers. I have been talking to the Vodafone customer service, everybody is just keep kicking the balls among each other, asking me to tell them the whole issue again again and again, wasting so much of my time and never really solve the issue.

Sep 17, 2014

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