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Thabazimbi, South Africa
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They ordered a laptop with the specifications I did not want. Because of this I went to return it to vodacom but they do not take it back as they say the seal was broken. How were we supposed to check that it is indeed what we agreed up?

I recently upgrade my contract for my tablet to a laptop. This occurred on the 5th of May 2017. I went to a vodacom store to buy my daughter a birthday gift which would be a laptop with the specification that it be a 10 or 10. 1" screen laptop. I spoke to the consultant and she assured me that she understood that it doesn't matter what manufacturer it may be it must just be a 10" laptop. As we were perusing one of the vodacom booklets, I see a laptop that I desired and asked for something like this but 10" please. She automatically too the one I showed her and ordered it, reassuring me it was what I wanted. I receive the order a few days later and as I am signing my documentation, I speak to my consultant of the previous time that I am concerned as I see that this box is too big for what I said I desired and what we ordered. She tells me that maybe the packaging may be different and still have the product we desired. Without much though I took her word for it as she knew what she was doing and she was well informed of everything. Having signed my documentation I leave with the product and go home. My daughter comes home and I give her the laptop as it was her gift and she says the size is not right after opening the laptop. She closes it an says we should return it tomorrow. Tomorrow is today, 11 May 2017. We went back to the store and spoke to them to return the unwanted product. We arrive there and the very same consultant calls vodacom and tells us that since the seal is open they cannot and will not take the product back. We spoke to them and asked that now that we dont want it, would you cancel the upgrade because we are dissatisfied and unhappy that the consultant ordered something that was not 10" but 15, 6" and she ordered it without knowing the specifications of the laptop which we told her to look for and order for us. It went further to the manager insulting me and saying, "Do you live in south africa? Well, it is known that if the seal is broken of any electronic device it is yours there won't be any store that takes it back." Funny enough my daughter bought a laptop at game and they opened the box for her current 15, 6" laptop to make sure she is satisfied with the product of which she was that is why we took it home. Now I want to know something. Will I have to be charged a 24 month contract because of an uninformed consultant? What I desired is that she at least say that the vodacom booklet didn't show the features of the laptop so rather not buy that one but choose another which was specific and we both saw it. I trusted her and she treated me badly. I am shocked at the manner both the manager and consultant treated me and my daughter. The laptop was never and will never be used because it is not the needed and required product. They order the product so I was not able to see and examine whether the laptop she ordered was the right one neither did they have a sample with them in the store.

May 11, 2017

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