VL Health Shop / Diet / Charged my debit card without consent.

On March 14, 2016 I did a free trial, only paying for shipping. I was charged .99cents then 1.99 for shipping. I thought okay, easy enough. If the product worked and I liked it later on I could order more. Well, then I see I was charged 4.99 and 3.95. I thought what is this for. The invoice on the package had no terms, no agreements. I did not give consent for anything to be taken out of my account. There was no number on invoice or package, everything was as if they made it hard to contact them. So here is today. I am a single mom of two. Pull up to get gas and my card was denied. What? I had just checked it and had 170.00 on it. I call and find out 59.95 and 49.95 was taken out of my account twice. What? Embarrassed, I left the store to get on internet to find out about this company. To my surprise, there is stuff all over the place of how this is a scam, fraud. I called the number I found. The man Robert seemed very illiterate of his job. I complained wanted my money back and everything cancelled. He kept trying to tell me about the product, would give me a discount, would give me longer time, wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor. He cancelled and gave me some numbers, I asked for a conformation email. Oh, we don't do that mam, we just give you a number. I said I want my refund. We don't give refunds. I began to talk again and he just talked over me as he was reading his script and hung up on me. So, there you go. Don't buy anything with your debit card or from companies you don't know about. So, this week my kids will do without. Thank you so much VL HEALTH!!!

Apr 09, 2016

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