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I made an order with vitalcheck. com order number21987767 pin number 552468. I ordered a birth certificate and then found my son had passed away two years ago on ancestry. com. Vital check says I can't cancel order.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in sanbernardino, CA My complaint is I will not receive the order because my sons birthcertificate is in the death certificate section. And I am going to receive no record found. Could you help me solve the problem thank you. Stephen john kennedy

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      Apr 15, 2010

    I found this site for complaints about too late. I live in Mexico and lost my New Jersey birth certificate. I could not have it mailed to me because I live in Mexico. I could not have it mailed to a PO box because they do not mail to PO boxes. I reluctantly asked my mom who lives in PA to do it for me. She is elderly and it is hard for her to maneuver the systems. She did however contact vitalcheck and sent them all the information to obtain my certificate along with 50 dollars. 3 months later no birth certificate. She called them after waiting literally days and hours on the phone. They said they needed a marriage certificate of her and my father, which has been deceased for 35 years. There was no contact to tell her this. She sent in the info and did not receive a confirmation. Finally again she called and waited more than an hour on the phone was told that they could not process the order because the address on her drivers license did not match the address where it was being sent to. In PA they do not change your license they give you an addition to your license which she faxed in. She was informed they were not going to process this order and there would b no refund for the money. This company is a total scam. Buyer Beware.

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  • Gr
      Jun 09, 2010

    Dealing with VitalCheck is a nightmare. They are suppose to have/handle most of the vital records for Florida. However, they require you to pay $44.00 to search the records only to receive a "No Record Found, " letter. This will, then, require you to pay for a delayed birth certificate.

    During his time in office, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush pushed and was successful in privatizing the state's vital records. It has been nothing but causing pain and it's getting worst. All the smaller counties were required to pack up their records and send them to Jacksonville. Therefore, you can no longer go to the courthouse and search for records. What does this mean? If you paid for a search, then received a "No Record Found" notice, I guess you don't exist. This makes me believe that it is a money making scam. What happen to the records that were shipped to Jacksonville? Did they do what was done during slavery?

    Once again, according to VitalCheck, there are some people who NEVER existed.

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