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Personally I think vital check and your health department are in it together to scam you. I ordered my birth certificate on April 25th and now it's May 26th, still no birth certificate?. I've been home everyday waiting for mail". I called vitalcheck and they recommend I call the county department!. I called them and they said that they sent it out on the 25th of April/. Really? You're telling me that for once in a lifetime a government place work that superfast without me having to pay to get it expedited? Of course it's so convenient that there aren't any tracking number, . Also I placed the order from California at 1pm here which will be 4pm in Ohio, the office would just close and they were so nice to find the record, print it out and shipped it out to me? Unbelievable! I called vitalcheck back and they told me to call the post office?. WHAT?! There's no tracking number so how is the post office going to track it? So yes if I want it resent "because the postal most likely lost your mail" I have to pay again and was "advised" to get it expedited to get a tracking number, meaning more money". Not only am I pissed but I am frustrated and hurt! $31 is not pocket change for me, especially in this economy.

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  • Ze
      Apr 02, 2010
    Vital Check - Bad selling practices
    Vital Check
    United States

    I ordered birth certificates from VitalCheck and paid for express service my package is held in NY since I cannot join these people either by phone or by email. This is such a bad service !! you cannot file a claim either !

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  • Mo
      Apr 16, 2010
    Vital Check - no custome support
    United States

    needed a birth certificate but after submitting credit card info it said I needed to submit a signed identity verification document, and no such form exist nor can I find it to complete the process but can not cancel the order.

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  • Ka
      Mar 14, 2011
    Vital Check - payment no service
    Vital Check
    United States

    My mother is being charged even tthough we did not complete transaction. I was going to order my birth certificate.

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  • Fr
      Apr 30, 2012
    Vital Check - good service
    vital check
    United States

    Vital check is geat!!I ordered my certificate on a thursday and i got it the next monday. they helped out a lot!

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  • La
      Apr 26, 2017

    I have been waiting since march 9th for my BC and it says on my receipt 25 business days. very disappointed and I pay extra for shipping wondering where my $48 went !!

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  • Er
      May 21, 2018

    I have been waiting since May for my birth certificate and I just called vital check to check the status. They informed me that they were just now processing orders received in January. I'm contacting the BBB as we speak. This company is a HUGE scam!!!

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  • Re
      Apr 14, 2019

    Word up everyone, its your crazy DMV's pushing out VitalCheck! and believe it when I say these people are dummer than the Pet Rock people bought back in the day. They have no idea what they are doing, their out of Tennessee "Hillbillies"When you get charged the fee of whatever your having to obtain because of this stupid PROVE WHO YOU ARE ACT CITIZEN GARBAGE that your Congress stupidly passed because your nation made friends with other cultures and opened doors to more damage then we already can take on, Vitalcheck will send you a reciept that your documents will come by "Regular Mail" that is a big fat lie!, what ever info they pass on to the Vital Records Dept of what ever State your obtaining your "Credentials" for will be told differently, United Parcel Service will be delivering it, not the USPS, and plus you will have to sit and wait 30 days for this stupid thing, it dont take 30 damn days to deliver anything, on top of that you will be required to "sign" yet again after you have "signed" the notary and paid their fee, plus the high fee of VitalChek when you could of just went straight to your States Vital Records and probably got charged less and recieved your documents faster! I have missed work allot over this and im out 100.00 because its the DMV thats pushing the pamphlet, which they should just mind their own business and stop playing God altogether. So if you can print out your reciepts, push back harder, make copies of your complaint letters and photo copies of reciepts when your filing to the FTC and send a copy of the same stuff to Congress and let them know their Tree Club House ideas have done nothing but cause problems for everyone due to their mistakes, After all it was their idea this whole thing started and we are the ones Paying for it. And when we all loose our license to drive to work, many are going to go after them to pay their bills for the damage and tort theyve created.

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