Vita Trade / active youth serum and cream

I have repeatedly cancelled your products, by phone and email. No emails were replied to, and your crap keeps coming without me ordering it!
The latest being order number [protected]. I now have four cancellation confirmation emails but still keep getting your crap.
The only way I have been able to achieve any confirmation emails is when I insist on staying on the phone in front of my computer until your call centere people in the phillipines send it!!
Otherwise I have hung up thinking its cancelled only to get no confirmation email and then have you generate false order and try and debit my account!
That's fraud and theft in my book!
What kind of dodgy outfit are you running?
I would never do business with you again, and will strongly recommend no one go near you.
This is absolutely criminal.
I had to insist on staying on the phone again, this time with a ged milan, until he finally agreed to send a confirmation that the account was cancelled.
I have recorded the conversations and have names and emails.
Stop sending me your crap, and stop trying to debit my account based on orders I have never made.
Absolutely disgraceful.

S mclay [protected]

Nov 26, 2017

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