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Visions Electronics / buyers beware!

1 Canada Review updated:

Visions Electronics is a major electronics dealer with locations accross Alberta and British Columbia 'specializing' in home/car audio and video. I have done a few transactions with them because their prices are negotiable and pretty reasonable, but I have recently learned there can be a HUGE hidden cost in dealing with them.

My last major transaction with them was for a 62" Toshiba DLP TV for about $3K. They offered financing through a Visa affiliated finance company out of Montreal named Dejardin'. I was quoted an interest rate of 8.75% with a 3-month initial interest-free period on an open term.

I chose the financing option, gave them all the required information to complete their on screen application behind the counter, was approved within 5 minutes, and was given a hand written retail receipt for the TV, taxes and shipping costs.

When I asked for a copy of the financing agreement, they said I would receive a copy in the mail. When it arrived, the interest rate was 18.75% on a fixed term of 36-months. When I called the store to talk to the salesperson he wasn't around and never returned my calls.

I spoke to the finance company and as the contract had already been executed, they couldn't release me from it. My final attempt after speaking with a multitude of 'managers' I called head office. I told them of my experience and they gave me a tough ### and 'buyer beware' attitude.

I will never do business with Visions Electronics ever again and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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  • Ir
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    I am a Rep for Visions Electronics and I can see how your experience would be very negative. Visions does rely on allot of team work and unity but often management is so diverse to how many managers and people are involved in running that region. I know my store is run very well and has high standards for customer service as well as keeping things neat and up to par.

    Your incident could be due to a number of possibilities but honestly, every sales person is different. Your sales person would not receive any kind of commission for raising your financing as the SKU's come in years, that result in a percentage. This is something you should go to management with, head office would help you as much as possible.

    Best of Luck,

    I Roberts

  • Jo
      8th of Feb, 2017
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    @I Roberts Took a month to get my refund for an unopened box, 2 weeks that they had many lies told to me.

    They even told me that because I complained to BBB, that it would take longer.

  • Ti
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    visons electronics - warrenty

    purchased a TV with all the bells and whistles the amp didn't work from day one they replaced it.8 months later 2 plastic cover fall off, (optical input)now my cords wont stay in manager said it was physical abuse i change the cord myself they set it up that way and now say no warranty probably a 2.00 part hard too work it without. never have been treated so crappy in my life

  • Me
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    I have had nothing but trouble with visions. They don't return calls. They make false promises. They don't stand behind the products they sell.
    My daughter bought a Fuji J110W camera, and the extended warrenty, before she left on a trip to Europe. About 3 weeks later, the camera broke and she returned it to visions. She had to buy another camera to take on her trip because she was told it would be 4-6 weeks before they could replace her camera. After 6 weeks and many calls and visits to Visions by her brother and I, we were finally advised that they would not replace the camera as it was "phsyical damage". Fuji offered us a new camera at about 25% off the retail price. She already bought a new camera for her trip (she is still in Europe) so that wasn't an attractive option. She is out $200 - tough ###.

    The physical damage is that something inside bent when the camera was jostled. It was not dropped, just jostled while the lens was extended. I'd call that a poor quality product.

    The salesman had actually told her the extended warrenty would cover her no matter what happened to the camera. The small print says it is not covered for "physical damage", but the salesman told her otherwise.

    The staff at visions do not return calls. We waited all week for a return call from the manager of the Surrey Store, Denny. Yesterday we stopped at the store to see him, and were told to wait as he was on the phone. Forty-five minutes later, another associate advised us that he was on a conference call and was going to be a while!!! Doug got back to us today to finally let us know that they would not be doing anything for us. When I returned the call to Doug, he spoke to me for a few minutes then said he had to put me on hold for a minute. They left us on hold for over 15 min, then another associate said they would have Doug call me right back. Over Two hours have gone by now and no calls...

    I will never shop there again. If she had bought the camera at London Drugs, Costco, or Walmart, she would have been given her money back on the spot!

  • 26
      15th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Similar situation here. I bought a Samsung TV at visions. They rushed me to buy by sweet-talking how "secure" and "easily refundable" Visions is. I fell to the trap. They didn't tell me there is annual fee on the retail credit card which how they do their "3 month interest free financing". When the statement comes, everything is too late cause it passed the 30 days refund period.

    The annual fee is $35. I have no problem paying in full, so i just lose $35 with no reason.

    DO NOT BUY FROM VISIONS. I should have check out this site before I walk in Visions.

  • Su
      25th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Seems like you people always just complain about the financing options. Usually has nothing to do with the stores themselves. Go cry to wells fargo or hsbc.

  • Go
      13th of Dec, 2018
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    @suckit DO NOT BUY FROM VISIONS ... you`ll have nothing but headaches if you do !!!

  • Ga
      25th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    visions, is the worst company i ever had to deal with. im 21 and have just started getting white hairs do to visions . they took me for all i got and my amp broke, my car alarm does not work, speaker blew, and they are not helping. It hasn't even been 2 months yet! my girlfriend broke up with me because all i do is complain about visions. i am so upset with them and it seems like the entire company does not give a [censored] about us. only money. i think they like seeing ppl upset also. atleast it seems that way

  • Ga
      25th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    they also sold me an apline $800 screen that my dad and i found out was used! so pretty much i paid full price for a used screen, i knew this because the car installer told me! . when i told the salesman (eric) and general manager (Thomas), they called the car installer and asked him if this is true, after haning up the phone (thomas) started speaking chinese to eric while i stood there not understanding them. They then tried to say i miss understood the car installer. so i went back to the car installer and asked what he told them on the phone, he replyed what i told you- its a used screen!
    visions are liers, they cheat, they make u stress, they are not nice ppl. they dont want to help you. the warrenty is a lie. i have not had sound in my car for almost 3 weeks. they dont care. they r cheats! i'm so stressed i paid $4100 for nothing. should have gave it to the poor . i got nothing out of it.
    now i must go back to work for free thanks to visions

  • Ro
      26th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    You should not be buying a 60 inch TV if you have to finance it. No wonder so many people are over their head in debt!

  • Mi
      15th of Jan, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I ordered three items from Visions online at the same time. The first item showed up 4 days later. Two weeks passed and the rest of my order still said "PARTIALLY SHIPPED". I called, waited on hold for 10 minutes then it told me to email them. So I sent an email, four days later I sent another email.. no answer, 6 days later I called and the girl said it was shipped today. Four weeks after my order was placed I get my second item. I call to find out where my 3rd item is and I can't get through again. So I send another email...still nothing. I go down to a store and ask if they are out of stock. The guy says they have lots and never sold out of the item over the last month. So whats the hold up!!!

    Still waiting.

  • Em
      24th of Jan, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I ordered a 60" sharp LCD on Dec 25 for the boxing day sale online, they charged my credit card the next day on the 26th, I paid to have the item shipped by air, I called 6 days later and they told me that it would be an extra week due to an over sale on stock.
    an email was sent to me on the 15 of January that it was shipped.
    I waited... waited and waited
    called them and found out that it was never shipped
    and they gave me the tracking

    It was finally shipped on the 20th of January ... wow what bad service from VISIONS ELECTRONICS at 8062 KING GEORGE HWY, SURREY, BC

    I clicked the air shipping box to speed things

    As of the 24 of January... still no LCD TV just a tracking number.

    I guess after looking at your complaint it just thier way of doing online sales

  • Du
      8th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I absoutely agree with every complaint that you guys have. I am a former employee of Visions Electronics, and they treat their staff just as bad as they treat customers. I have seen first hand the run around that they give customers, and have unintentionally had part in it. My own manager told customers to [censored] off in the store and on the phone, and their 'top salesman' is crooked as a 3 dollar bill. He is the type that will do things like promise financing and then pass it off to someone else to take care of as soon as there is a problem.

    melsmom: That is so very common. The staff do not communicate, and no one ever knows what's going on. Not one person there can tell you the actual rules on a warranty.
    All of the salesmen that work there are purely comission, unless they are a manager, and they all just want to get the sale and move on to the next customer. They all hope and pray that there are no problems, because then they may have to deal with you again.

    empak: That is also very common. Even if something comes in for a customer and is tagged as so, some salesman will see it and want to sell it. I bet your TV was there not long after you ordered it, but one of the guys decided to ignore the tag that said they were holding it for you and sold it to someone else, making the warehouse order you another one and make up excuses.

    Being a former employee, I have a grudge against them, because they pay so little, and make you do far to much work for the pennies they give. Every employee is required to work sales, and they are 14-16 hour days. Longer on boxing day. No one gets overtime. There is no such thing there. You 'bank' hours to get regular pay for not being there later.

    So if anyone reads this, please stop supporting them. All they want is to take your money, give you a crappy product, and never see you again if you have any kind of problem. They only want to see you if you are willing to spend lots.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Lw
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I also have a VISIONS ELECTRONICS complaint. I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 750 GPS Navigator along with their extended warranty. I started having problems with the Navigator last year, but they would not take it back for repair unless I produced a receipt. I finally found the receipt and packaged the GPS up and sent it back to be repaird. I didn't hear anything from Visions for 4 weeks, So i finally called them. They said that they sent me a brand new unit because mine was not repairable. I thought how cool! When the new one finally arrived, I opened the box to find they replaced my high end model with a CHEAP NUVI 255 that only costs 1/4 of what I paid for the 750. I called their Warranty Dept. and my call was taken by a nervous sounding associate that took my name and number down and said his manager would call me back. I never got a return call. I waited a week and called again. The Manager said my Name was not in their repair system and would have to call the store where I purchased it from to see why the cheap model was sent. He did actually call back to say that the NUVI 750 is no longer being made and that the 255 was compareable to what I had. He also stated that they took the Depreciation Value into consideration.

    I am so upset and disappointed with Visions as a company. Depreciation MY [censor]. I think one of their employees is either driving around with a NEW Garmin 755 GPS (This replaced the 750), or someone processed a refund and has an extra $400 in their pocket now.


  • Je
      6th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I recently purchased a Alpine screen with Navigation and Bluetooth for my husband through Visions on King George Highway in Surrey. I was told by Doug the Car Audio manager that we needed a bunch of modules to go with our particular vehicle. My husband and I were not familiar with any of these things and Doug convinced us we needed a bunch of different modules. He then proceeded to tell us that we needed new speakers now because the stock speakers we had in the vehicle would sound static when we played our music with the modules that needed to be installed. We left the truck at Visions and then went home. There was no communication to pick up the truck. When we picked it up we found that the steering wheel controls weren't working and the lights inside the truck weren't working either. We took the truck back and were told a faulty module was installed and that a new one was on order. This was not communicated to us. Then we were told that we would be informed when the new module comes into the store. No one told us until we went back to the store. We were told that once the new module was installed all the problems with the truck would be rectified. The new module was installed and all the safety features in the truck were not working. We took the truck back yet again and then someone told us to talk to the General Manager Scott. In the beginning he was nice and then later on he began to call us liars and said we were trying to make money off of Visions. We called head office and spoke to them about the situation. We told them that we were going to set up an appointment with GMC to assess the vehicle and they said go ahead. We scheduled an appointment with GMC to see if the problems with the vehicle were related to Visions' installation or with the truck itself and we were told that Visions messed up with the installation. GMC told us to have the unit removed to see if that would fix the problem. They also told us it would cost $1200 to fix. We took the report to Visions and showed it to Scott the manager and we asked him to schedule an appointment to remove the unit. I dropped the car off first thing in the morning and at noon my husband got a call from Scott saying that Visions wasn't going to remove the unit because there was nothing wrong with it and the truck was fine even though none of the safety features were working like the door chimes, the OnStar and the lights. Scott said that it would cost us more money to have everything removed and to have the old amplifier rewired. We picked up the truck and were very frustrated with the way we were being treated. No one was taking us seriously. We then had the unit and the modules removed by a private installer and we took the wiring with us to the Visions on SE Marine Drive. We showed them how the wires had been taped together by wire tape. Someone at that Visions pointed out that Doug had sold us the wrong module for our specific vehicle and made us spend more money to get new speakers. Then we went to the Visions in Burnaby and showed them the job and we got so lucky that the regional manager was there at that time and was willing to hear us out. He took a look at the vehicle and the wiring and agreed that everything was a mess and helped us sort things out. He is now going to help us return everything and is going to put the vehicle back to its original condition without charging us more money.

    Visions in Surrey has turned out to be a big disappointment and I don't think I will be giving them any business in the future! They are extremely unorganized and do not know how to communicate. They are all about money and nothing else and I find that if you deal with the Caucasian people there they act like you are trying to scam them. They are all friends and they all jerk you around. They blow you off and talk to you like you are a complete idiot. What happened to the customer is always right?

  • Ha
      18th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Sunday, July-18-10
    To the Visions District manager and head office:

    Without prejudice...I am a new customer who just moved to Lethbridge two weeks ago and purchased a Pioneer vsx520k amplifier and small items from the Lethbridge location. I wasn’t satisfied with the amplifier and went to take it back. Upon arrival at 11:15 am I noticed two employees out by the shipping dock having a cigarette, one was Brett and the other was man with a shaved who had a sponsor shirt on whom I presume is the audio technician/department employee. As I walked in with the amplifier, I put it on the counter. Two other employees were sitting at a round table, one was reading the morning paper, the other got up to help us.
    He asked me what the issue was with the amplifier, I told him I wanted to bring it back as I was not happy with it. He took a long pause before he went outside to get Brett to come in from outside.

    Brett came in and asked me what the issue was. I told him I wanted to return the amplifier because I was not satisfied with it and I mentioned I wanted to have a refund. He asked if I wanted to pick anything else out because I was not interested in an exchange. He then told me that he is going to have to charge me the 15% restocking fee. I challenged him by saying I had only plugged the amplifier into my two speakers to to try it out and it had nothing wrong with it and it was in “like new” condition. He said that it was now used. I said well unless someone does not know what it’s like we have to take it out of the box. So, he rudely takes it out of the box, holds it up with one hand and looks it over finally using two hands. I said what are you trying to do? I told you I just hooked up two speakers it’s in mint shape, but the way he began to breathe on the front LCD panel as if to clean it from what? Then the man with the shaved head came over to the counter with an assertive demeanour. He said let’s have a look at your receipt and starts punching in our information or something, but I went over to the computer to see what he was trying to do as he did not communicate to us what he was trying to accomplish. By this time Brett said, I don’t know, you’ll have to come back tomorrow to speak to my manager. I said how about your district manager, because this time I had 3 of your employees giving us a dirty look...making me feel like I did something terrible to the product as was trying to return it.

    I got so upset with the quality of communications with this Brett guy and your other employee (bald guy around 27 yrs of age), that I said to the bald guy to give me back my’re wasting my time (because they were stalling and not saying anything to us as customers...really uncomfortable). I walked out of your store with the amplifier in hand and I swore to never EVER do business with this outfit again. As I walked out your Bald employee gave a rude intimidating stare, so I peeked back inside to give it right back to him.

    This company “Visions” does not know what they have just done to ruin their reputation in this SMALL community.
    So, this letter is written to tell VISIONS electronics that I have never in 30 years of my shopping experience ever come across 4 lazy individuals all slacking on the job (none of my business, but what I saw, reflects what kind of leadership your store location presents) 3 who were very stoic and 2 (Brett and saved head man.) laying on the belittling behaviour towards paying (not repeating) customers.

    I did want to mention I myself have apologized twice during this matter but never felt it was received by your staff. All I can say is, I am glad Best Buy is coming as I do all my business there and will never think as Visions as a possibility ever again. If we never use our warranty on our 46 inch Samsung (which I had purchased previously) and now the Pioneer Amp that your staff indirectly stuck me with, I would redeem at another location. Your staff needs a great deal of discipline or training on respect no matter the situation and I would suggest your district manager or people in charge visit the store t observe the staff sitting around or outside having a smoke 15 minutes into their shifts, that is a “vision” in itself.



  • Ge
      14th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    We purchased a car sterio yesterda(Sunday) my birhtday and before we bought it. I stressed to the manager of the department that I would need it insalled next Sunday or Monday. The only days that are available for me. He said if you puirchase the sterion right now, I will knock 20.00 dollars off. I said as long as I can have it installed on Sunday or Monday, he said" our installer does not work Sunday or Monday but I will see what I can do for you, I will work something out!" I made it very clear that these days were my only option. So I purchased the stereo. He said that he would get back to me in the morning when his installer arrived. 10am. I waited until 10:30 and had not received a call back, so I called the store. I spoke to another manager of the sterio department he spoke with the installer to see if he would come in for an hour or two on Sunday or Monday. he got back to me on the phone and said he won't come in, no way. So I asked to speak with the store mangaer. I explained the siuation to him, he put me on hold, come back to the phone and said No, our in staller won't come in.We are getting ready for our Christmas season and we are going to be busy. I said what has that got to do with anything. It is September and will take an hour to install it. He said no we can't do that. I asked him what ever happened to customer service. I took the stereo back and got a refund. When I got home I called head office. Spoke to the manager where I wa spoke to like a piece of crap even before I explained what happened, he was on the deffense before I began. Very arrogant and non caring. I told him I went to another car stereo place and they had no problem insatlling a new stereo on Monday. The manager of head office triedto convince me that the store manager does not know that there might be another comapny that would install the stero for me. I asked are you telling me that the store manager is not aware that might be a company out side Visions that might install a car stereo??I asked what kind of store manager would not know about this? When I spoke to the manager I was given no options. Very Very poor customer service. I will never shop there again.The have incompetent managers and they have Managers that allow their employees to waste customers time. I lost a few hour work today because I had to take the stereo back foir a refund. And NO they do not return calls. Once they make the sale, you automatically become invisible. What happened to good service and shops that back up their products and hire good staff that take some pride???? I am a manager and have been for a long time. I go the extra mile to make those in need happy! Terrible service.

  • Mi
      30th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Saturday me and my other half Jeremy woke up early and went up to the Signal Hill location to see what deals were happening there as we were on the hunt for a new surround sound system. We came across a floor model Monster surround sound. The sales guy explained that this was a great system and it came with 4 towers, a sub and a centre speaker and he would sell it for $398.00. He said we could think about it and let him know. We continued on our quest and drove to the NE Visions. There we were greeted by Omar the sales man. He asked what we were looking for and how he could help. We told Omar that we were looking for a new surround system to go along with the Blue Ray we had just bought.
    Omar showed us a few systems and none were really that great to us. We thanked Omar and told him that were going to go back to the Signal hill location and buy the Monster system that we had been offered for $398.00. Omar agreed that this was a crazy good deal and encouraged us to go back to that location and buy it right away. Omar said to us “hold on one second, I might be able to give you the same deal” So we waited, and then Omar came back and said, “great news, I can do it for $400.00 and it’s all brand new” We were amazed and thought this was the best new we had heard all weekend. It was explained to us by Omar that we would be needing a “good” amp to run this Monster system so he showed us a Onkyo amp that would be suffice.
    We got to the till and paid DEBIT for the Monster system and Onkyo amp. We were told to drive around to the back and the system would get loaded into the car for us.
    About 3 men loaded up our car one was named Ian. We drove home feeling awesome! I mean we got a great deal, Omar treated us AMAZING and I just couldn’t wait to recommend Omar at Visions to every person I knew.
    When we got home and opened 1 set of the towers they were badly damaged on the outside and one had something lose in it. Since it was already late we decided to head to Visions in the morning and exchange the 2 damaged speakers.
    Sunday November 28th, we load up the damaged speakers and drive back to the NE location. Our spirits are high and we are still looking forward to completing the setup of our new Monster surround sound.
    We walk in and are greeted by a employee named Ross. We tell Ross that we were in yesterday, bought this system and 2 speakers need to be exchanged. Ross is happy to help and goes to check the back. Several minutes go by and while we are waiting Omar sees us and asks what’s going on and we quickly tell him that one set of towers is damaged, he says “good luck” and leaves. Ross comes from the back with Ian and a box in his hand. Ross said that he wants to open the box before we take it home just to make sure they are ok. He opens the box and these speakers are damaged as well (even worse than ours) Ross says there is one more set in the back and he’s going to check them out. Minutes go by and he comes back with bad news, they are also damaged. At this point Ross, Ian and another employee are there looking at the box of damaged speakers.
    Ross explains that this is a discontinued product and he can only offer us the floor model speakers in exchange for our damaged ones. I tell Ross that this isn’t the best news as we did buy the system brand new and would really like to speakers to be replaced with the same.
    Ross tells us that there are no other ones in Calgary and strongly suggested we look at the floor models. Reluctantly we head to the floor models. The models we are told have been on the floor for a year. They have minor chips in them and some scratches…. And did I mention they have been on the floor for a year? A year being pounded and abused by sale employees trying to sell them?
    We say that although we aren’t happy with the offer we will settle with the used floor models. Suddenly we are surrounded by 3 warehouse workers some other employee and we are being asked questions that are really confusing. In a blink of an eye we are being told that we weren’t supposed to get 4 tower speakers because the Monster surround sound is sold only as a 3.1. We try to explain that we were told other wise and question why we would turn down the Signal Hill locations 5.1 offer to be sold a 3.1? No one wanted to listen. Suddenly we are being treated like thieves, Ian the warehouse worker is badgering us as to how many speakers we have and insisting we got 1 set to much, yet we were told we get 4 towers. Ian is insisting he put 4 boxes in our car and all we can do is give him a confused look because that is what was SUPPOSED to be there. Ian looks at us and says, “well I can check the cameras” at that moment everyone left except for one employee (I wish I could remember his name because he was confused like us) I called home and asked my brother if the other set of speakers are the same and he tells me yes. So I tell the NICE employee that yes, the set at home is the same, we got 4 towers like we were SUPPOSED to.
    Ross comes back from the warehouse and now Farran is with him with Ian again too. Now we are being told flat out that we got 1 set to many and they won’t be replacing our damaged speakers. In a last ditch effort we explain that Signal Hill has told us it’s sold as a 5.1 and that’s what Omar was supposed to sell us. Shouting across the store Farran calls Omar over and Omar says that no, he didn’t tell us it came with 4 towers. I said, ok… so we should just return it and go back to Signal Hill and get what we are supposed to get. Omar says “go ahead, just return the [censor]ING stuff and get the [censor] out” he then turns and leaves.
    I looked at Ross and said, “whoa! Is this really how you treat your customers?. Ross said NOTHING, but rather asks me to leave the store. I said I’m not leaving without what is mine. I said just give me back the BROKEN ones and we will leave.
    Farran started to actually YELL at me saying the speakers were NOT ours and he wanted us out of the store. He was yelling at me so loud that a customer actually came up and said to him, “you better treat the lady proper”. I asked this customer if I could get his name and phone number to be a first hand witness to what was just going on. The customer didn’t even hesitate, he wrote his name and number on the back of Ross’ business card.
    At this point Jeremy left the store to have a smoke because he was upset. He came back in time to see this customer giving me his phone number and I told Jeremy that the Farran had just been yelling at me. Jeremy was very upset to know some MAN (a MANGER at that) was just yelling me. Jeremy was upset so I brought him to the exit doors where he went and called to police.
    I told Ross that I wanted the owners information or someone higher then himself. He actually told me NO. Then he asked me for HIS business card back in EXCHANGE for the GM’s card!!! I said I’m not giving this back to you, it has a witnesses phone number on it. Again Ross said to me, “give me back my card, leave the store and I will give you the GM’s card” I stood there is shock and once again I said I wasn’t leaving with out contact information. Ross caught Farran as he was passing and told him to grab Aaron’s card for me.
    I got Aarons card and left the store. Jeremy told me that the police were on the way and that they said what we came INTO the store with, is what they would GET BACK for us.
    Ross came outside and told us to leave the property. Then 2 more employees came to LOOK at us. We went and sat in our car because we were literally BULLIED there. Ian was pacing the front of the store and the parking lot as he smoked and flashed us dirty mean looks. Other employees poked their heads out the front doors.
    About 10 minutes had gone by and we were on the phone with the manager from the Signal Hill location confirming that they still had the Monster surround sound. We had decided to return the system we bought at the NE location and buy the one from Signal hill when we seen Farran approaching our car. He asked for us to roll down the window, then he said to us that HE MADE A MISTAKE AND THAT MONSTER DOES SHIP THAT SYSTEM AS A 5.1. We were invited to take the floor models. With SHAME we walked back in that store and took what was RIGHTFULLY ours.
    We cancelled the call to the police and went home in SHOCK!
    While at home I called the 2 other Calgary locations and they BOTH confirmed to me that the Monster system ONLY comes as a 5.1. So after hearing this and having been told to [censor] OFF by your sales guy (Omar) and yelled at by the Manger (Farran) horribly intimidated by Ross and Ian, I called and asked to speak with Farran. Taylor (the receptionist) asked who was calling and I told her. She asked me to hold the line and when she came back on the phone she told me that Farran was on lunch for the next hour and to call back. I asked that he call me back when he could. Ross called me back and I told him we didn’t want the floor model speakers, after everything they had put us through we would like NEW speakers. I explained to him that the other stores confirmed that it’s sold ONLY as a 5.1 and he said this “they are wrong” (which brings me back to Farran already telling me that HE MADE A MISTAKE AND THAT THE MONSTER DOES SHIP AS A 5.1 - But then he told me he would call the Macleod Trail location and see if they would do the return for their set of towers. Ross asked if that was ok, I said yes, he said he would call me right back. 45 minutes went by and he still had not called me back so I called there. I asked for Ross and Farran took the call. I asked if he had heard anything thing and if Macleod Trail was going to do the exchange. He (in a raised voice that I have on tape) told me the other locations don’t have any and said he couldn’t give me the Macleod Trail ones anyways because then that location wouldn’t have a complete set to sell to the next people, I asked why no one called me back to tell me this and his reply was “you can ship them in YOURSELF and then he actually ended the call by transferring me to Taylor. Taylor came on the line and I asked what was going on, and why he put her on the phone. Taylor didn’t know. I thanked her and hung up. About 5 minutes later I called Taylor back and asked her why we were being treated like this. She said she didn’t know but asked me to tell her what was going on, so I did. Out of all the people in that Visions, she was the ONLY one who listened and talked to me with RESPECT. She checked some other stores, check the website and even apologised for the way we were treated. I asked Taylor, how was it that she was helping me more than the people who were supposed to be helping me. You need more people like Taylor and less people like Omar, Farran, Ross and Ian.
    Your staff swore at us, yelled at us, intimidated us, bullied, forced us call the Police and left us feeling lost, upset, disgusted, confused, embarrassed, abused, ….. the list of emotions goes on. I can return your surround sound system….. but I would really like to return the above emotions that you gave us, can you do THAT for me? Sadly, I already know the answer.
    Today after work I get to go home and see my (half) new surround sound system. I’m no longer excited about it; no longer take pleasure in even looking at it because the only thing I get from it now is the memories and feelings of stress and abuse. These memories will never go away.
    On Sunday I left phone messages for Visions head office, Visions customer service and Global News.

    This morning (November 29th 2010) I talked to Visions customer service. I told him that even if we wanted to return the system, we are actually too afraid and embarrassed to go back to that store. I stated that I’m happy Visions has an old address on file for me because I wouldn’t of been able to sleep otherwise thinking that your employees would come slash my tires or something…. Does this seem RIGHT to you? Is this the feelings I should be having?

    Spoke with Jamie the customer service manager who said this: "I don't have time for high school drama" and refused to listen to anything more.

    Is this FOR REAL?
    Calgary Alberta - North East Visions

  • Ji
      7th of Apr, 2012
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    Visions Electronics - Bad customer service
    Visions Electronics
    10421 - 170st

    Absolute worst customer service anywhere! First of all, I purchased (what I thought was) a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo. When I arrived home some two hours away, I found the package contained an old Hewlett Packard PS2 keyboard and nothing else! I emailed the store manager to inform him of what happened and that I would be back in Edmonton in a few days. He replied that he was sorry for the "misunderstanding" and that they would take care of it when I returned! Upon arrival, I was appalled to see the extent to which they would go to discourage the return of this item. The staff seen me place the box with receipt onto the counter...but chose to ignore me and spend twenty minutes doting over another customer who was trying to pay for an item using multiple payment methods...unfortunately, the til was very confused! This ignorance, in and of itself, is unacceptable...but it gets worse! I show a staff member the used keyboard in the box and he asks "whats the problem"? Incredible! I grab the PS2 chord and say "you've sold me and old used keyboard"! He looks at the chord and exclaims "well wireless keyboards need power too"! Ultra incredible!! I said "yes they do, they're called batteries"! Again I ask for my refund and was told only the manager can do refunds. I waited quite awhile and was told the manager is on the phone but would be with me shortly! After about 45 minutes I actually stuck my head into the managers office and explained my purpose and told him I have a doctors appointment to go to. He showed his concern by spending another 30 minutes on the phone!! Meanwhile, the three stooges act continued. The incompetent employee who sold me the keyboard in the first place comes over to add his vast wisdom toward the situation. "It's no-body's fault...not your fault...not my fault" he exclaims! Hold on Sherlock! It is somebodies fault and I would appreciate it if you would leave me off that list! He then decides to try and scold me but was unsuccessful as I diplomatically to him where to go :>) He walked off (goon)! Finally, after 68 minutes and no sign of the manager, Darren Stocks, the initial employee who proclaimed only the manager could execute refunds, comes out of the managers and makes a slow stroll around the store, glancing back to see if I was still there. Hello...still here! He comes over and says the manager is busy and that he would go ahead and credit back my MasterCard. WOW...thought only the manager could do that (hypocrite). In summary, this store is by far the lowest when it comes to customer service and staff integrity! Stay away and let them sink into the oblivion of which they are so deserving!! P.S. Told my Doctor why I was late...he said he and his family do not shop at Visions and likely never will! You see, one bad apple can spoil the punch! Live long and shop smart!
    Remember, Visions Electronics, 10421 - 170 st, Edmonton, Alberta...stay away!!

  • Ke
      5th of Jun, 2012
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    Bought a 3-D TV from Visions, prepaid for TV and glasses and waited for over 2 months to get 4 pair of glasses and only ended up with 2 pair and got a refund for two pair, what a waste of time and only two people can watch A 3d movie at once.Should have taken all the stuff back at that point. Later went to yet another visions store to purchase a bulb for a projector i bought a year earlier and the guy said it was ordered and it would take about 3 weeks, went back 3 weeks later to find the bulb had not been ordered and they wanted me to prepay for the bulb and I told them about my prior experience with the other store and they didn't care and said this is our policy and even when I called their head office they hid behind their lame policy and didnt seem at all interested in providing any customer service. I called another elctronics place and they took my order and said it would be here in 5 days and i didnt have to prepay for the part, now thats customer service or just using commom sense that doesn't seem to excist at VisionsI am done with ever shopping at any visions store in regina or anywhere else for that matter.

    Kevin Lorenz

  • Fr
      24th of Oct, 2013
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    This is the email I have sent to Visions Customer Service. I am so ###ing fed up with this ###. I happened to buy a bad product. As a result of that, I am cursed with this piece of ### laptop that they will offer me zero support for.

    To Whom it May Concern:

    One month ago, I broke the seal on the box of my new laptop and that has been one of the worst decisions that I ever made. I should have taken it back then and had my money returned to me. I have dealt with the Assistant Manager of the Prince George store, Adam Klassen has been tremendously unhelpful every step of the way. 

    Two days after I opened my computer, the Wi-Fi started dropping randomly. I took it back and exchanged it for a new one. Then, my computer completely froze during updates, so I took it back. It sat at a “Please Wait” screen for two whole days. Imagine not being able to work for two days as a result of your brand new computer.  Adam reset it. He clearly did not know what he was doing, as he erased all of my information without knowing that he did it. 

    Then, my Wi-Fi started dropping again. I took it back, just today, and Adam told me he “couldn't find the problem [I was] having”. I am frustrated to the point of tears, at this time. I told him that I want my money back. Yet, I was met with nothing but “I can't”.

    There was no suggestion of alternatives or any attempt to be actually helpful. Despite all of the times he declared 'I understand', he was apathetic to my plight. He didn't really care. He didn't really understand. He was absolutely no help, which was surprising, considering he was dealing with a customer in tears.

    I have never had such a horrible customer experience with a product OR with an Assistant Manager. He did nothing to actually help me. When I walked out, he simply boxed up my computer. The only thing he achieved, was to bring me to tears.

    This product is inherently flawed. I have done my research; which I apparently did too late. It has problems with Wi-Fi cards. Probably as a result of cheap parts. Freezing during updates can be a sign of a failing harddrive. These are fundamental problems with this laptop. These problems will never be fixed by getting a new one or sending it back to the factory. It is a problem with the computer. Yet, I am cursed to have this laptop all because I opened the package.

    Sure, I can send it away. All to have them put in the same Wi-Fi chip and be without my computer for months on end. What kind of godawful customer experience is this?? I open a package, therefore I will have a product that does not work properly AND I have no options to actually get out of this horrible cycle?!

    The only solution suggested by Adam was to send it back. Oh, great. So now I'm the only one paying the price. I have to wait for months for something that may not even come back fixed. I have to live without my means of earning a living because I just bought the wrong product. A product that was described as 'top of the line' by the salesperson.

    I have 'invested' over $900 into a computer and extended warranty that is more of a ball-and-chain than an actual benefit to my life.

    I want my money back. I want to get rid of this awful product. I want out of this horrible dance that I am doing with Visions. I would have had better customer experience from ANY other store in Prince George. I would have had a better experience had I bought it off the internet. As a Canadian company, this behaviour is atrocious. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    If there is not progress on my case, I have no problems putting this experience all over your social media pages.

    Product: Acer Aspire V5-572-6872
    Store: Prince George, BC
    Purchase Date: September 24, 2013

    In frustration,


  • Dv
      12th of Nov, 2013
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    This is totally ridiculous. .I cannot get the refund for taking the dvd/vcr combo. because it does not work with tv . I'm filing against this company

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