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United States

Having purchased a new cell phone, about 6 weeks ago, operating on Virgin mobile USA, I have only been able to make and receive calls intermittently. I have contacted the customer service department several times, but nothing has been done to rectify the problem. On Sunday January 27th, I called again. I was on my land line for 3 hours, during which time I was cut off 4 times. Nobody was prepared to listen to my problems. In the end, I told them that I wished to cancel my much protestation from them. They refused to refund money which I had already paid for future service, so I told them to forger refund...just cancel ! I received an e mail the following day saying that my contract had been cancelled...and my next payment would be applied to my credit card on February 10. I spoke to my credit card company about this, and they will be giving me a brand new card, so that Virgin will be unable to charge me.

Jan 31, 2019

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