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Writing this all down has made me feel this is a lost cause thanks.

Here is a log of the initial complaint and all the problems I had just getting the phone and I was just going to let that phone sit in front of an empty house in Murrietta, CA as I was SO frustrated with VIRGIN MOBILE and the lacadasical way people had been dealing with me as a customer.

1. original order placed 6-7-2009 online w/ no option to change shipping method to overnight shipping (I tried to go back 2 times and lost my order and had to redo it 2 times already).

2. Spoke to Supervisor on 6-7-2009 to possibly cancel my order since the offer I had agreed to ran out 6-9-2009 and I was sure my son in SoCal would not get the phone in 2 days, she assured me I would have the phone on 6-9-2009 and to call in and activate it asap. She also assured me that the order had already packaged up and shipped. Which I thought was weird since it was early morning and the very next day.

3. Called in [protected] still no phone Transfered to a specialist for 14:50 I was told in a snobby way that I should have read that the Free 3-5 day shipping is "business days" and that if I needed the phone earlier I had the option when I was online to order next day shipping she went on to regail me in the many times she had gone to the virginmobile website and it's right there in black and white. I was and am still livid at the way she spoke to me I said thats it cancel this order I want to speak to a supervisor right now and she hung up on me. From that moment on every call I made to your company made me madder and madder.

4. My son left SoCal [protected] without the phone I called in to make sure that the order had been cancelled I was told it couldn't be cancelled that I would need to check with Fed-Ex. I called I was told by fed-Ex that because I wasn't the shipper (virgin mobile) or the reciever I couldn't have the order rerouted to my billing address. I put my son on the phone and then Fed-Ex said we'd need to call back after the package was delivered.

5. Called [protected] Fed-Ex.w/ my son to have the package redirected we were told we couldn't have the order rerouted to my billing address because the package had already been delivered and that the shipper had an OK to leave at the door.

6. Called back to Virgin to say that the phone was sitting in front of an empty house and they should have fed-ed pick it up as I was contacting my bank to have the charges returned as I had requested multiple times to cancel the order starting with the very next day before the order was even processed.

Previously I worked as a CSR then in QC and as a Supe for a long distance company, I dealt with customers who had bad experiences, were angry at the situation or at the way the CSR handled their specific problem. I finished at that compny after years of training new reps and being brought over to a new company specifically to train their csr's in proper phone sales and service so I am not new at this. I have never in my life been so upset at a company that I would have just let their product go into the garbage can as I was during all this. I feel like Virgin Mobile does not respect their customers enough to properly train your csr's in how to avoid an escalated call and when they do get a call thats escalating that should at least be trained enough that they can tune into the job at hand and find and correct the concern.

So now you tell me how long I have spend on the phone or online or emailing this company... when I bill my customers through my company I bill at $75-$125 an hour I have spent over 5 hours trying to get through all this crap and I seriously dont want to do any more. I am done forget the phone, forget the fraud dept let it stand I dont want anything from this crappy company and while we are at it I will cancel the phones I have for my employees and our business.

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  • Ky
      Sep 24, 2009

    I know! It is almost impossible to just get some one on the phone and then someone on top of that who actually knows what they are talking would be a miracle. And to just find information out is a challenge. I heard that virgin came out with a plan for lower income people in i think cali but im not to sure and i want to find out information like if they are going to extend it nationwide. I think its only fair that they do but its near impossible to find information out about it or even talk to someone at virgin.

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