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I recently purchased a Virgin Pay-as-you-go phone as advertised at Free anytime web and text with 1500 minutes. Everything was fine for a couple of weeks until I noticed my cell phone had stop receiving and sending text messages. I contacted customer care and they told me my phone never had the plan for free text and web and that I would need to add money to my cash account if I wanted to use text and web. Of course I was bewildered by all of this, especially the cash account thing since I have "pay as you go" and if there was no cash on my account how come I'm still making and receiving calls? Customer care stated I changed my plan and I need to add cash to my account; at this point I had already given over $120 dollars for the month (I use the phone a lot). Customer care was useless and we began to just start talking in circles. I referred to their ads for 1500 minutes and FREE anytime text and web.

For anyone thinking of using Virgin Mobile you better think again! Also my rate changed from $0.05 cents per minute to $0.20 cents per minute after that phone call FYI. What a bunch of sleazy ###!


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      Mar 27, 2011

    quit crying an read their brochures the 1500 minute plan is for 30 dollars and includes 500 messages and 10 mb's of interntet usage if you use your phone a lot then this probably isnt the right plan for you they have a 60 dollar unlimited plan, but they dont advertise a 30 dollar unlimited plan cheapskate.

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  • K
      Sep 20, 2013

    Do not trust Virgin Mobile. I currently have internet access with them using a usb stick device that they sold me. Every month they rip me off for some of the megabytes I buy to use the usb stick device. I wish I never bought it. I am stuck for awhile till I can buy a device from another provider. Tell everyone you know that VM is a scam company. Use to be good...but not now. Good luck...I hope you are able to resolve the problem. I have been unsucessful in dealing with their customer service. Hope you have better luck than me.

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