Virgin Mobile / billing theft

South Africa

I opted in for a Virgin Mobile contract in October 2009 for an amount of R199 to be debited off my account.

I only recently noted that R417.99 has been debited off my account since May 2010 apart from that of the R199 Virgin Mobile SA contract.

I have taken this issue up with head office and they cancelled the extra contract that was supposedly taken up in my name. I believe this is a major issue as when I submitted my banking details to Virgin mobile. I signed a form stating that all details are confidential and my banking details as well as my consumer profile has been used to open another contract without my permission or consent.

I have requested them to suspend my account as I no longer want to be a part of their network and they still want me to pay in the remainder of the contract even though I do not want to continue due to the inconvenience that they have caused me. I think that taking off days at work to run around and get Affidavit's, certified ID docs etc all for something that should not be my problem. I have been tweeting, calling, Facebooking and still no response to any comments. The service is disgusting and Virgin Mobile SA offer ***** services!

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