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Virgin Mobile / bad service

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I now have no phone service thanks to Virgin Mobile. I wanted to upgrade to a smartphone, from their service to the upgraded service. The upgrade failed. The old phone won't work. The new phone won't work. I'm out of luck with a sick mother who is 85 years old living 400 miles away. I will go get another phone tomorrow and do what I can to send this phone back. It may not be the phone but I'll never use Virgin Mobile again.
Basically only deal with Virgin Mobile if you really don't need a phone. If you actually might need one, don't count on it.

Mar 31, 2013
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  • Va
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    I have had a Keocera K9 for years. About three or so monthes ago I decided to buy a newer model and update my phone. I bought an LG Flare, because I had no problems with Virgin Mobile before. First I tried to activate the phone and it would not work. I was told by customer service to call during the day time, as it was very late at night when I did this. Thier customer service is supposedly available 24 hours a day. It took me three days and four phone calls to activate my phone. When I tried to use the web browsing feature, it would not work. I called the customer service number and emailed their website so many times I honestly can not recall the number. Over the past three monthes this problem has not been fixed at al. Each time I speak to a new vioce who has no clue what is wrong and has no record of any of my other calls. The other day I was looking at the graphics that came on the phone when the screen turned white. I turned the phone off then back on again. The screen said hello like it always does, did a little virgin mobile intro like it always does then it went black and repeated this process over and over again. The only way I could turn the phone off was by removing the battery.

  • Va
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    I am an existing customer with virgin mobile the past few months. I have to warn you about their practices and service. First off I purchased a couple of their cheap phones called a Kyocera for 19.99 @ Walmart. At witch time i asked about pix text availablility with this type of phone. I was told they were not sure. So i took time to actually call Virginmobile to make sure the phone recieved text including Pix text. I was told that the phone was capable of recieving pics by a Virgin mobile rep. After the rep went and supposedly checked the phone functions. So i then bought the phones. After witch, we found that not only the phones terrable with dropped calls. It did NOT recieve pics! After contacting customer service @ Virgin mobile. By the way it took over 5minutes to do so. I was told there was nothing they could do. Even tho it was one of their own reps that gave me false info. Well I was already on a monthly plan. and at the timemoney tight. So we kept the phones. We got exactly what we paid for. Cheap service from a cheap phone. So soon after I upgraded to a Flare phone. I figured it may permorm a lil bit better than the cheaper phone. And @ the time again, money was tight. The Flare phone seemed to have issues, keeping or holding a signal. Even if it was sittting still in our living room. So we determined that the Flare reception was actually poorer than the first phone we bought. Well all the while I am calling their customer service to try and work things out.

    No matter what my issue was.

    Weather it was so many dropped calls?

    Or getting my messages over 24hours later?

    Them charging me for minutes I did even use. Like charging me minutes to call my own voice mail, even though I call from a land line. Or my timer on the phone will say 7:00pm and my minuts are suppose to be free. Yet I got charged on serveral occasions. A minute here or there. Funny how EASY their web site is set up for you to order phones. Very user friendly. Yet you cant get anyone one the phone, and when you do they have no power to do anything. Are reluctant to give you any information about their name, employee number or anything. THe majority of them are not even stationed iin the USA. THey are in the Phillipines, and talk with an accent. If its VIRGIN MOBILE USA, WHY am I talking to someone in the Phillipines, who can barely understand english, let alone care about my fustrations with the company! THAT SUCKS!! NO REALLY IT DOES!! I'm sorry, i lost track...So let me bring you up to speed. I contacted VirginmobileUSA prior to the end of OCt, 2008. I explained to thm I noticed online that they said I had only a couple of daytime minutes left. Yet I knew I had more than a week to go before monthly billing. I told customer service I was calling and had three concernes. 1. because I was not happy with the Flare phone and how I had been dupped into purchasing the first phone. I also stated that the current phone I was useing "FLARE" was unacseptable and wanted to maybe give it back and I would pay difference to upgrade phone. 2. THat I had paid for text message and had not recieved any text.

    3. I felt that if I had been a customer for several months, and had minutes left over every month that they TAKE away. Could they extend me maybe 10-15 minutes to be sure i dont go over. Thats the least they could have done I figure. Seeing that I am a cutomer who pays antime ect. Nope Not Virgin Mobile

    1. Reguarding the phone. I was told there was nothing that could be done and if I wanted to purchase another phone they could sell me one.

    2. Reguarding my text. At first they said they see wher I paid prior to November. and I was billed for text. Yet I never recieved a Text on Flare phone ever!!NEVER!

    They made me pay for a new phone. Even tho the Flare was almost new. I felt forced to buy a more exspensive phone. Because they would not do anything. She told me if I bought a "ARC" camera phone. THE SUPERVISOR mind you in Malasia. Told me she could sell me an ARC phone for half price. The phone sells for 49.99 online but if I buy it from her, she would charge me the 49.99. But then put 25.00 of that 49.99 back into my VirginMobile account. EVEN THO I WANTED MY MONEY BACK IN CASH. I HAD NOT MUCH CHOICE BUT TO AGREE TO TERMS. I STAYEd on the phone while she set me up to mail me the new phone. ANd while she added the 25.00 to my account...

    I got my new phone a few days later. After I had passed thru Target and noticed the same ARC phone I jus bought eselling at Target for only $30.00...

    Well I got my phone two weeks ago. Around the same time new billing started.

    When I went to activate the Arc I noticed that of the 25.00 credit that was suppose to be in my account their was only 23.15? I asked about it. And it WAS determined that I was not suppose to be billed for text, cause I paid for texting. And so they changed somthing said I would not be billed for text anymore. But that they could not refund my money to me @ THAT moment because they have to inveestigate or somthing? I said to the operator. Why do you have to investigate when you just admitted you made a mistake. Then you dont want to give my money back? He said it would be back in my account less than a week. IT WAS NOT IN MY ACCOUNT AWEEK LATER. And to futher make it worse they took more money from the 25.00

    Now I call them takes forever to reach a real supervisor who is no help. I say to them. I am calling about the missing funds from my 25.00 credit? THey tell me There is no RECORD OF THEM OWING ME 25.00 And that I was charged for text before my switch. And that they dont owe me any money?? THESE FREAKIN CROOKS!! WHAT DO THEY THINK I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN WASTE MY time mastering some sort of sceam to get 4.00 or a few free minutes? I have never been more frustrated with any company. AND I HAVE NEVER FELT RAPED BY A COPMPANY TIL NOW!

    I asked them stop the auto pay from my account. They told me if I want to cancell my service. ANy money in my account and all minutes are theirs. AND THEY WOULD NOT OWE ME ANYTHING??

    What is a consmer to do in a sitiation like this. When all of our companys outsourse all their work, and start a policy or protocal that does not hold them account ble. And lets them RAPE or ROB their customers!

    We are american citizens!! And we deserve better. Any company who is allowed to do this should be shut down.

    If I take money from someone, by force, trickery, I would be going to jail. And i feel that someone in that company should be going to jail.

    If I cancell my phone now. I am out of

    4.00 they already took and claimed was never there.

    21.00 in credit. It was jus away for them to lock up my money so they can steal it with their POLICY.

    And i would be out a phone and over half amonths service. because they have been paid for NOVEMBER already.

    AThats over $50.00 not even counting all these cheap phones I'm stuck with.

    I wish i could take em to court for all my money and mental stress!!

    If anyone from Virgin Mobile USA is reading this!! I wil see if I can get a lawyer to help me. and many more like me I'm sure you done wrong!

    MAybe I will take this to YOUTUBE and solicite help There??



    VIRGIN MOBILE: GIMME WHAT YOU OWE ME. My money, and my respect! You want me to stay calm while you rob me? NO I'm sorry cant do that! I have to make NOISE!

  • Su
      13th of Jan, 2011
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    I have virgin mobile for my cell phone provider, and its pay-as-you-go. so i have an option to charge my debit card whenever im low on money.

    So two months ago, i got a charge on my bank statement for $21, but i didnt recieve any credit or anyhting. so i emailed the comany and asked what it was about, and that i wanted my money back. they said they have no record for the charge, so i cant get my money back. so later I emailed them again and asked, hoping for a better answer, and they told me that nothing has changed since the last time i contacted them.

    how come they can keep track of my complaints, but not of when they charge me random fees. and in addition they claim to have live costumer service, i've called numerous times and never once heard an option to talk to a person, always a computer.

  • Ti
      25th of Jan, 2011
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    bought a prepaid phone from virgin mobile for my daughter for christmas bran new and 3 weeks later it broke it wouldnt charge and there was nothing they could do about it but send it to get fixed they should have replaced it with a new one and they were very rude

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