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Virgin Media / Terrible service!

1 44 hertford closeoxfordshire, England, West Midlands, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 01869600243

I started off with NTL I had no problems with. I was with NTL for over 4 years. When it went over to virgin media the problems started. Virgin media repeats everything more then once and I'm paying for the same old programs. I seem to be paying a lot me then i should. I ring up and get through to people that don't understand what I'm talking about. I can be on the phone for over an hour and the problem is still unresolved. I haven't got a direct debit on my account because i don't trust what they are going to take out every month they charge me extra because of this. I'm fed up with this so I'm leaving them. I told virgin this and they said nothing and hung up on me. Has any of this happened to you?

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  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    Virgin Media - Terrible service
    United Kingdom

    I have had truly appalling service from Virgin Media following installation of TV, broadband and phone package on 16 July. I wrote to formally notify them that I would like to avail the 30 day money back guarantee and cancel the service with Virgin media. I have tried on numerous occasions to communicate via phone but have either been cut off or have been left waiting on the phone for over 30 mins.

    no contracts have been signed so I have the right to get out.

    As mentioned in the many phone calls to the Virgin media team, after waiting for 6 hours, the engineer finally turned up at 7pm. He hurriedly installed the connection after complaining bitterly about Virgin Media on a corporate level. We had agreed that our BT no. would be transferred but this was not arranged and we have been connected to a completely different area code. We live in Ash vale and the code we have been connected to is that of Frimley. We were also rather intimidated by the rudeness of the engineer and if I was in the house on my own I would have felt rather unsafe. He also left all his litter behind. To think that there was a £25 installation charge for the pleasure of this awful experience is simply mortifying.

    After speaking to the customer dept on 17 July, they arranged for an engineer to visit the following week on 24 July. I took the day off work and spent 6 hrs waiting. No one turned up and there was no apology from Virgin Media.

    It has also emerged that our monthly bill is rather more than was agreed. I was expecting to pay £57 for XL package, broadband and phone line but have now been told that this is going to be £69. This is £25 per month in excess of what we were paying for a like for like package from Sky. I also received more channels from Sky for the same price for example all the Asian channels. Once again, Customer services assured me that the problem was fixed and that my bill/month would be for £57 but I have this week received an invoice for £67.

    In view of the above, I have now decided to cancel my direct debit at the bank but have not heard a thing from Virgin media.

  • Ma
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    I have seen millions of complaints on Virgin Media and feel scared that I have signed a 12 month contract. My wife and I moved into a new rented flat just over two weeks ago. The landlord who was living here advised us that due to bad reception in the area, she has been using Virgin Media for TV and had the phone and broadband package. Fair enough I thought, phoned them up and they were even kind enough to give me a discount on the whole package (3 for 30 was offered for 20). But that was the last of the good will I got. On the phone while I was signing up, I was given of an activation date of 3rd of April 2008, when my equipment would be delivered as well.

    You guessed it the day had come and gone and not a sign from the lovely people from Virgin Media. On the 4th I called them up asking what was happening and when I would get my equipment. The answer...well they did not know because the equipment was only give for delivery to the delivery company (UPS) on the 3rd. I could call them up if I wanted to they said, to arrange delivery. In fact they said that would not be enough, because they need someone to come to the flat and install it all. When I queried when this would happen I was told 'tomorrow'. At this point I raised a complaint with the call center guy, quoting to him exactly what I was unhappy with. I should have asked for his name and a ref of the complaint, but I was so furious that they were quick to sell me the product, but were so poor at advising what it would entail to install and had in fact lied about the dates. Again, I was told a manager would contact me 'tomorrow' to follow up with the complaint and a letter would be sent to acknowledge it all.

    You guessed it, no call nor letter.

    6th of April, I called again and was told that installation was scheduled for the 7th of April, without me having scheduled it at all. I rescheduled for Saturday 12th of April, between 1-6pm. I was promised that I would get a call from a manager regarding my complaint, which was visible on the system the time. Same day I went and picked up the equipment from UPS as they could not guarantee a delivery day or time.

    The landlord had left her Virgin Media equipment at the flat, but had canceled all services. So faced with a long wait for activation I switched the equipment on and what do you know... broadband was on, without me having to put in a PIN. TV was working for the basic 5 channels and phone was off. I thought, not bad to keep us entertained 'till the activation. I called Virgin Media and told them I get 5 channels, can I get the rest of them please ( I subscribed for over 80)? They told me, you need to wait for the engineer to install it all. For the fun of it, I asked if that means I won't get broadband till then and the lady was adamant that I won't be able to get broadband despite having my landlord's modem. I couldn't argue with her, they had proved their poor, poor service before. I was going to wait for the 12th.

    12th of April. No call from a manager. I call to confirm with Virgin Media that they would be coming over to do the installation. This is where i was ready to throw my toys. I was told there is no scheduled visit, and in fact there is no need for a visit because the install is supposed to be a self install. I was blown away by this. I asked to speak to a manager, to follow up on my complaint from the previous week. Wait for it... they could not see anything on the system, no sign of my complaint.
    At that time, I asked to speak to a manager straight away. The call center guy told me he could not let me do that as my problem was around a self install and not Customer Service. I insisted, he spoke to his manager, who refused to speak to me.

    At this point I am lost as to what I can do. I raised a new complaint and asked for a reference number this time. I asked for the guy’s name and his manager’s name. He did not want to give me his surname nor his manager’s surname. Only after I pushed did he give them to me. I was promised that a manager will call me within 24 – 48 hours. I am not holding my breath.

    I phoned faults reporting and after 5 minutes they had all my TV channels connected. The phone is still off and I am scheduled for an engineer to come around on the 14th. The broadband has been working since I initially tried it... despite assurances from Virgin Media that it would not.

    I will follow this through and get something for my lost nerves and time. I hope that the rest of you get some proper service from Virgin Media... although from what I have seen so far, they trip over themselves to lie, show their incompetence and turn their customers into babbling fools.

    The broadband is fine, it is actually double the speed to what I signed up for, and TV works once activated. Phone is still to happen, but I pray that none of these services develop a fault.

  • Wl
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    virgin media broadband. my service has been down since the 12th august until the 18th which i only found out about buy ringing up (151) they say they will put £10 in credit on my next bill we will see. now it is the 19th and my service is hit and miss i pay for 2mbs but when i run a speed test it shows 117kbs the all so say if you download 350mbs a week they say your speed will drop to 1mbps until after 9 pm but that is un true they should have said 12pm at which it work well but who is up then. they are wanting me to go on 4mbs but why should i when i don't get 2 mbs which i pay for. all in all there should be a law against this as it is wrong you can spend ages on the phone to them and get no farther forward virgin media sucks . but after 12pm there broadband is good so why can't they get it right in the day .

  • Ma
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    i was away on holiday to come back to find out all my services had being cut as was £2 short when they went into bank and could not get payment so when i got home paid it straight away, i had never being late with payments they were always on time. after i paid them relized my e-mail service was still not up in running but the faults department kept saying not there department and passed my call about, it was 4days later when i got someone to deal with it they gave me a job ref number saying it would be fixed in 72 hours joke i then phoned back up for them to tell me they were 6000 e-mails down i would need to wait, they then put me threw to customer service so i could complain and the young man on the other end said he would get it dealt with and phone back joke still waiting, i have also contacted there complaints department 4 times and guess what still waiting and still no e-mail so i am now looking to end contract with them they are crap and the people they have working for them could not run a menuge they have no people skills and dont no how to communicate with each other . so if you are thinking of joining them think again, ever here the saying stick with the devil you no that goes for the company your with just now as virgin media are rubbish

  • Wi
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    yesterday 3.12.08 virgin media advertise in mirror and sun news papers extra large 20mb broadband 10 pound for first 6months 20 pound thereafter .i am paying 37 pound a month for same sirvice from v m when i rang to complain they said for new customers only if they dont sort it out they will loose old customer there 20mb is crapp.

  • Mc
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Virgin Media cable broadband is the best on the market. I never had any problems with the service except the occasional day when the whole service for the area i lived in was down. Unfortunately I no longer live in an area with vm cable broadband capability otherwise i would sign up with them straight away. Anyone using a BT landline with any internet service aren't getting true broadband through their copper telephone cables. VM use fibre optic cables and so can offer upto 50mb connection at this time (no other company can offer that)

    As for customer services, theirs is no different to any other CS, some guy sitting in a call centre in outer mongolia, BUT I know from experience that if you ask about special deals you can get them, but if you dont ask they wont offer them. I had a 20mb line but never ever paid the full price, after each period of time the special offer was offered for I would phone again and get it renewed

    As for getting the 5 normal channels Martin talks about, it is written into the contract that you signed or at least the one I signed that regardless if I continued my contract with VM those 5 channels would be available to the household, even without their box being there.

    I am currently stuck with a Vodafone doggle internet service with a max download of 3GB per month (VM cable was unlimited) so if i wanted to watch live streamed TV on my computer my 3GB would run out real fast and this service cost me £15 a month. O2 offer the same 3GB at the same price but dont tell you about the limit until after you use it. I know, my wife uses O2 and we got a bill of £356 after the first month on top of the £15.

    If you are using you internet connections to download peer to peer file sharing, don't blame VM cos you're not getting the speed you are paying for, it's got nothing to do with them what speed the senders of the files are uploading for you to download, so moaning that your 20mb connection is cr@p gives the impression you are peer sharing and thought it would be faster with 20mb. most householders do not require more than an 8mb connection so dont bother upgrading, plus the fact you shouldn't be doing it anyway and VM will be monitoring your bandwidth and will disconnect you with or without a warning

  • Ma
      5th of Aug, 2010
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    My Virgin Media phone has been out of service since the 13th July. Since then I have had nothing but trouble with incredibly rude customer service reps from the company who've told me lies on several occasions. They have a centre in India and I can't understand what they are saying easily (and I'm Indian). I told them my phone was out of order so they promised to get an engineer round on the 28th July (over 2 weeks later). I phoned back to ask for an earlier appt (I was put through to India) the rep told me they'd get someone round on the 22nd. I was suspiscoius as it sounded like he was just trying to get rid of me. Unbelievably on the 21st July the phone started working again (only for a couple of hours as it turned out) and even more unbelievably there was a message on the answer phone from Virgin Media telling me that the engineer was double booked and I would now have to wait until 4th August to have the line repaired. (This was left on the phone that I'd reported as not working, these people are really thick!). On 4th Aug they were supposed to be here to repair the line between 8am and 1 pm. I was still waiting at 1.30pm so I phone up to find out what was happening (having spent ages on the phone to them already that morning to check that they were coming and being told that they were already working on the cables, which I pointed out they couldn't be because they weren't with me!!! ) and I was told that they were running late. Why couldn't they have phoned to let me know? I asked. "Oh! That's not our policy!!! I asked to be put through to a Supervisor who when I told him of the problems simply said "I don't have to listen to this" and he hung up. This was the actions of the Supervisor!! It simply beggars belief. The engineers turn up at 3.15pm (no apology or explanation) and tell me they can't do the job as they hadn't brought the right equipment. They'll come back tomorrow. They then disconnect the other phone line to the house and leave. I'm now without any phone services and am still waiting for them to turn up.
    What ever you do if you read this DO NOT USE ANY VIRGIN MEDIA PRODUCTS. Their service is simply appalling. It's all ok when things are working but if you need any help from them... forget it. they are absolutely dreadful.

  • Ll
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    The exact same, they were taking out more than the agreed amount every single month for 9 months, so i cancelled DD and told them to go and rob someone else. Now they say i'm in breach of my agreement and charging (robbing) me for more money. They say they are taking me to court, i cannot wait!

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