Virgin Broad Bandbroad band phone use

NOT HAPPY my phone keeps dropping out while I am talking tonight I had to re call my mother in ADelaide 3 times even after 5 minuts because phone would just drop out. I had to re call my friend in Canberra the same number of times because of the same reason. Have tried to call to reprort the fault howver after waiting 15 minutes the damn phone drops out again.
The fact that I have to wait 15 minutes is bad enough but then having to call back and have the same thing happen again is just damn annoying. NOT HAPPY.
Want some one to talk to otherwise I will take this further. i am locked in fpr another 12months of contract howver unless I get some satisfaction I will take this to the department of fair trading to get out of this contract. This is not the first time that this has happen and I have tried to call beofre howevr I am so angry at the momengt I am persuing this further. I am a good customer and do not appreicate this levelf of service. I joined your company in good faith. NOT HAPPY.

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