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Took an offer for a timeshare pitch from "Diego" at the Cancun airport terminal exit. We went to the sales pitch and asked a lot of questions, which their answers sounded very good and we signed up. We signed a contract with them and went on our way. However, upon review of the fine print and other literature they gave us on our departure of their facility, we found a lot of disconnects with what they told us and what the documents stated. The next business day we tried to cancel with them directly but they said there was a no refund policy and our deposit would not be returned. We asked them about no penalty clause in the contract and they continued that there is a no refunded policy. We contacted the PROFECO ( and they were informed the on-goings we were having and they stamped our cancellation notarized letter we were going to hand deliver. At the PROFECO they seems like this (timeshare cancellations) was a common occurrence there. Upon arrival we asked for the sales/contracts lawyer the PROFECO spoke with when we were at their office. We sat down and a sales manager (beach blond) type sat down and tried to keep our business and was very confrontational even threatening to sue us. We were persistent in that all we wanted to do was cancel contract in accordance with the 5 business day clause in the contract. Again he was very very confrontational as said no and walked away. We in turn walked away and started to walk to the taxi when he showed his face out the door and told us to come back. We told him to come to us, as we started to dial the PROFECO telephone number. He went back inside and his lawyer ran towards us (his tactics failed so he sent in someone else to finish up). The lawyer lady made it seem to appear she was on our side. She said she could and would not say anything to vouch for the 5 day cancellation clause in the contract for fear of loosing here job. So she typed up a letter that stated my refund would be returned and my membership was canceled . If anyone has similar issues go to the PROFECO directly and if they try to pressure you to not cancel be firm that you have a right to cancel with no penalty and if they don't honor this that you will just walk away and report to the PROFECO for breach of their own contract terms and conditions.

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  • Lo
      Sep 03, 2009

    An update since I put my post on the complaint board, I received a full refund as promised. So I am satisfied with end result.

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  • Je
      Mar 21, 2010

    I would like to direct any readers of this posting to go to a website I just published and read to your heart's content. It is addressing many issues and concerns with the Villa Group (Developer) and the UVC. If you are a UVC Member and would like to add your name to my UVC Member mailing list, please contact me via the “Contact Us” page on the site or send an email to [protected] Jeff Robbins.

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  • Cl
      Jun 28, 2011

    its great to hear that you got your contract cancel, I went down the same road with PROFECO;
    i invite to everyone to read this article will help you how to cancel through profeco :

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