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Vijay Sales / LG LCD / False information and wrong pricing!

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Vijay Sales had a One-Day offer of a LG LCD Screen for 619990/- only. What a drop from 74000/-! But, obviously, we grabbed it after being much convinced by the smart VS. Borivali salesman that we couldn't get a better product at such an offer later. 3 days later, we walk into the outlet to make the balance payment and we realize that the same screen is now on an offer of 59490/-. We dismissed it, but decided to check with the same smart dude, thinking its a mistake. What I must not forget to mention is the absolutely callous, indifferent way in which this salesman said that it was a rule that the products which was put on One-Day offers were those whose prices always fell and hence the One-Day offer!!! And to think this Salesman and his Manager pulled a fast one on us!!!


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  • An
      9th of Apr, 2007
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    Vijay Sales not Service oriented. In spite of having bunch of staff/sales men at Thane, godbunder Vijay Sales store, a big swanky store which has opened just 2 months back, the store manager Mr. bhattacharya and his service staff are insult to current service oriented economy. With growth of economy i always thought that now is time to have good customer service but i was wrong after i visited Vijay sales, thane.

    I blocked a 1 ton Hitachi Split AC which Bhattacharya promised will be delivered on Tuesday for which i was supposed to pay on Monday, when Monday evening i visited the store i was promised to get the delivery on Tuesday but was told that they will chk on the stock and get back.

    After waiting for 1.5 hrs i decided to cal back when i was on hold for quite some time, for a moment i felt that the need was only from my side and the sales men were lest bothered to manage customer. After many follow ups i was denied the Ac and was told that i'll get the same only on Friday delay of 3 days.

    I strongly appeal people not to trust such unprofessional people.

  • Va
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    Vijay Sales not Service oriented. In spite of having bunch of staff/sales men at Thane, TIP TOP PLAZA Vijay Sales store, a big swanky store With growth of economy i always thought that now is time to have good customer service but i was wrong after i visited Vijay sales, thane.

    I blocked a 1.5 ton ONIDA Split AC which the manager promised will be delivered on Thursday for which i was supposed to pay on Monday, when Monday evening i visited the store i was promised to get the delivery on Thursday but was told that they will chk on the stock and get back.

    After waiting for 1.5 hrs i decided to cal back when i was on hold for quite some time, for a moment i felt that the need was only from my side and the sales men were lest bothered to manage customer. After many follow ups i was denied the Ac and was told that i'll get the same only on Monday delay of 3 days. Even though there was delay in delivery i was told thst it will be installed on the same day of delivery but was not done so and the installation took about 5 days delay of 4 days.

    I strongly appeal people not to trust such unprofessional people and never buy any goods 4m VIJAY SALES.

  • Ja
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    I have also nice to sad experience with Vijay sales. (TipTop Thane)

    I have bought Godej AC (1.2 Ton). I have been promised Installation is free if window size is good enough and installation on 4th day of purchase.

    I have purchase paying amount same day. But no one turn up for installation while Godrej people come and laughed on us for dealing and believing on VIJAY Sales.

    Then We called continuously 3 days but no pickup phone. At last I have called Vijay Care no. they have give another number which is not on payment slip. It worled but they also denied that Installation is not Vijay sales problem but respective branch take care. I was believing on VIJAY SALES logo and name. But mistake.

    At last after 8 days, it cost me 850RS for 3X4X3 frame to fit AC by the guys send. If I have taken same pc from Regular Thane trader I have got fitted on same day.

    I will recommend people do not believe on VIJAY SALES after sales Commitments at all. If you can pick up and install only then buy.

    I do not know how I will get service now.

  • Pe
      28th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have purchased Hyundai TV 29" on exchange basis from Vijay Sales. It failed within 5 days. The service person who visited was very unprofessional in his work. He could not fix the TV. Hence asking for replacement immediately but am still waiting.

  • Sh
      11th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I want to ask TCL Company, say that they have Service Centre for TCL TFT in Mumbai or not.

  • Hi
      20th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    Absolutely unprofessional. Not ready to tell the price of a product on the phone. Why? So that they can con you into a purchase when you go to their store. Supposed to be the best retailer in mumbai. Then why is their webpage dead?

  • Ab
      22nd of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have bought a sharp TV from Vijay Sales The picture on the right side of the screen is curved. They are absolutely useless and crooks. I hope the MD of Sharp as well as Vijay sales do some thing about it but if they dont do anything I have made a decision to go to the consumer court. This is absolute cheating.

  • Da
      25th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I totally agree about the vijay sales ghodbunder road thane shop. they have a very unprofessional attitude. on inquiring about a particular model of an lg tv, the salesman told me about another model saying it was the same, and flatly denied the existence of the model i was inquiring about. at that i pulled out the print out i had in my pocket about that model taken from lgindia website. i enjoyed the dumbfounded look on the salesman's face, but seriously decided not to deal with them.
    Vijay sales doesn't deserve my money. Still what choices do we have, thinking practically?
    My suggestions are these:
    1. For any electronic product, always check on the model for features at the company website. lg and samsung have most current models always listed. (LG also has the pricing there)
    2. Step no. 3 is to survey the prices at the three big places in thane viz. kohinoor, sumaria and vijay sales
    3. compare and then buy.

    these are the most practical steps that I feel should be taken to minimize the chances of disappointment to consumer - Do the homework BEFORE going shopping, and NEVER buy until the details/features/pricing has been checked and compared, as can be relatively easy on the internet.
    It's our money, we have a choice.

  • Vi
      27th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have had similar distressing experiences with the their sales outlet near Eternity Mall. Their Customer Care staff is unprofessional, rude and impatient. I had bought a Phillips Home Theatre which after a year started giving trouble. The complaint was registered through the Customer care service of Vijay Sales, but it took about one month for the service person to attend to the complaint. I am having a similar experience now. They are failing to attend to my complaint in respect of LG TV. Let me on you to a secret. Vijay sales price is expensive as compared to the price of other dealers. So kindly explore other options before choosing Vijay Sales.

  • Dh
      27th of Aug, 2007
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    Vijay Sales is only creating bad name with so many complaints. Look at the products carefully before you fall for the offers. Just because the company displays it in full page advertisements doesn't really mean its the best offer.

    So for instance the laptop which was up for sale for some 29500 few weeks back from Acer. IT WAS A FAILED MODEL. and Acer was just clearing its stock. It didn't come with an windows OS fine. but it didn't come with a Windows driver DVD either.

    Next time you check for the SPECIAL VSP offer. Check if the product is really with the price quoted in other stores. Also those who are planning to buy plasma or LCD TV. Don't jump in for these stupid offers.

    When you go to buy Potato's and if a fellow is selling Rs.2 than others you don't just close your eyes and buy. You definitely check the quality compare it to potatoes from other vendors and most of the time even if there is a fellow selling at Rs. 2 less you buy from someone else instead.

    When you exercise prudence in buying something which is just Rs.12 why not exercise it while buying something with is over Rs.30000!!!

    Wake up and stop getting into IMPULSE BUYING.

    As a buyer we now have a choice and easy access to information exercise it.


  • Dh
      27th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    Have you bought some product just like that without giving a thought to compare the features, quality and price like what Shilpa did above.

    You just got in the trap of IMPULSE BUYING.

    Know more about it before its too late and house filled up like a godown of things you think "Why did i buy it ?"

  • Ra
      29th of Aug, 2007
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    On 27th August' 07, one of representatives (Excel Electronics) had visited my house to check the fridge which was repaired. Thanks for the same as the fridge has started working from 27th August'07. Today 15.30 hours the fridge has stopped cooling. I am surprised with the quality service of ELETROLUX.

  • Ca
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    Dear All
    I absolutely accept that I have done a mistake by Buying a LG KE 820 mobile set for Rs 7000, from Vijay sales one month back. As can be read from long mails,the mobile phone never worked from day one,battery in standby mode used to run out in 14 hours. Eventually the new batteries were tried but no change in performance of Mobile phone battery life was possible. On 13th Sept,2007 on request by Mr chetan mobile phone with all its acessories were landed with Urmi Enterprises the Thane service centre with the promise that new phone will be given with in 24 hours but I am waiting for last 6 days phoning service centre many times a day but no body seems to tell me when I will get my phone back.
    Please treat this matter as most urgent

  • Su
      12th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Nothing wrong in comment.

    It is the luck factor and secondly I feel you should be prepared to face such results when you purchase from such shops.

    Such Shops works on thin margin and many times on back ends they get from companies.

    The product is good but the method with which those shop attracts customer is their skill and customers like you gets entangled into it.

    " When U expect Gold at the cost of Brass " these things are bound to happen. There is nothing FREE in this world. One should not shout when he is expecting the seller to give U gold at the cost of Brass. Those MNC publish MRP with the calculations that proper provision of margin to mediator. Customers like you tries to ACT SMART but shout when U are not successful.

    Either you should pay for Gold and purchase Gold and not expect Gold when you pay for Brass.

    When you are gambling toy may win or loose.




  • So
      21st of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I think the sales of this company SUCK.

    They have sold me a defective laptop, which three days into service gave me a message " this copy of windows is not genuine" and then just went blank.

    Its a pain trying to get it fixed. At 55 thousand rupees, you expect a little service quality.

    Anyways, just my two cents.

    BTW, the vijay sales in question is the one in infinity mall in andheri.


  • Sa
      29th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Yes Vijay sales is bad

  • Ma
      3rd of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    We had purchased three airconditioners, two fridges, a washing machine from and a tv from vijay sales, sion shop.
    They promised prompt service, which never happened. The Godrej fridge has to replace four times! Do you believe it?
    When we contact the showroom they say to contact the company? Is this ethical?
    We think they are selling rejected items through the sales showrooms.
    Please check.

  • Ka
      7th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I purchased Phillips LCD on 2/03/0, as per the assurance given to me I should have got the LCD mounted up from Vijay Sales side f or whcih, Vijay Sales is suppossed to follow up with Phillips.

    Even ater 4 days there was no one turned up to fix the LCD. Wale up Vijay Sales.

  • Am
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Absolutely rubbish Service people. The employees are interested only to sell the commodity and get commission, but nobody is bothered to delivery and install the equipment on site. I had purchased a Window AC Samsung from Vijay Sales, TIp Top Plaza, THane. Nobody came to install it since 1 week.. useless and arrogant staff and a rude telephone receptionist...

  • An
      6th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Indian Venture Capital Ltd
    C-504, Eastern Court, Junction of Tejpal & Parleshwar Road, Vile Parle (East)-Mum-57

    To, Date:-06.05.2008
    Managing Director,
    Eureka Forbes Ltd,
    P.O.Box No 27002.
    Wilson Garden .P.O.
    Bangalore-560 027.

    Subject: - Fraudulent Behaviour / Cheating / Non Performance of Service by your Esteemed Company

    Dear Sir,

    We are loyal customer of your company’s products for so many years. We had purchased your product Forbes Aquaflow Designa (P72) on 7th November 2006 from your dealer Vijay Sales on 07/11/2006.[ Serial No:- M/C 3003174 ]

    After buying it, too our immense surprise to see that around the month of Aug / Sept it stopped working. Inspite of calling & requesting number of times to your company’s helpdesk, dealer, Service centre that our furniture has been spoiled because of leakage in your machine & our office 6 / 7 employees feel sick, no one turned up for few months then one service person came once & said there is breakage of pipe in the machine & got it repaired. Again after a few days it stopped working then we made the following complaints; but no one had turned up for quite a long time.

    Complaint Date Complaint No Telephone No Person Name

    04.10.2007 0710-B040448
    10.10.2007 66227733 Ms. Yogita / Vikas Repair
    23.10.2007 L-113188 39883333
    L-91895 39883333 / 26827560 Ms Reena (9967945779)
    10.01.2008 L-149936
    11.02.2008 110208414
    14.02.2008 80184108
    15.02.2008 80184108
    16.02.2008 80184108

    Then one person Mr. Suresh (Mobile no -09969641154) around 19.02.08 or 20.02.08 came & inspected the machine & gave up a quotation in his own hand writing for repairing (PCB-600/- + P.R-130/- + Candle- 450/- +Service Charge- 250/- Total Rs. 1430/-) & 900/- for AMC. He demanded entire money in cash except AMC by cheque.

    The above fact is visibly exposing your company’s inability to manage your dealers / service centres.

    At our Managing Director home also one of your Authorized Service Centre cheated him. His AMC contract was getting over by 3.10.2007, then also while called your service centre for installing machine at new home, they didn’t turned up, we made various complaints to the company & Authorized Service Centre. But no one helped. Then our Managing Director was compelled to give contract of AMC to one of your another service centre. (Although service was due upto 03.10.07, He was compelled to renew a contract from12.07.2007.

    It clearly shows your company’s inability to manage services to the customers.

    Kindly make up good the following losses suffered by us, due to the negligence of your company.

    1) Get us repaired our furniture. (India Images Entertainment & Software Ltd)
    2) Get us repaired the machine upto date (India Images Entertainment & Software Ltd)
    3) Give us back our 4 month’s contract not allowed by your dealer while shifting to new home.
    4) Filter Water acquisition cost from 04.10.07 to 30.04.08

    (a) From 04.10.07 to 31.12.07 = 560*3= 1680/-
    (b) From 01.01.08 to 30.04.08 = 560*4= 2240/-
    Total 3920/-

    Failing the same we will be compelled to file a suit in Consumer Court for the same & take other actions.


    Authorized Signatory

    CC:-1) Chairman:- Mr. Shapoor P. Mistry

    2) Managing Director:- Mr. Suresh Goklaney

    3) Consumer Protection Group, President:- Mr. Anand Pandit

    4) Union Health Minister:- Mr. Ambu Mani

    5) Vijay Sales (Borivali Office-Sales Manager):- Mr. Nikhil Naram

    Enclosure: - (Copy Attached)

    1) Bill of Vijay Sales
    2) AMC Certificate of our M.D(04.10.06 to 03.10.07)
    3) AMC Certificate of our M.D(12.07.07 to 11.07.08)

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