Victoria's Secretstaff attitude

Good afternoon
I would just like to complain regarding your store at the Metrocentre Gateshead I have been trying to contact the store all morning on Wednesday 21/11/3018 and I just kept getting hung up on I got through once time and no one spoke I was on for 9 minutes listening to the staff talk and serve in the background I kept saying hello but no one spoke to me then I kept trying again and the last time someone picked up and the girls attitude with me was horrible I told her I had been trying to get through all morning told her what had happened and she was nasty about it I asked if she had the item I was after in stock and she just said no and won't get them till Friday in telling her that when I was in the store yesterday was told the delivery would be in either today or Thursday she just said no in a nasty tone that I had the information wrong like it was my fault I said that I was told the offer on the item goes off tomorrow and she said it's today I just think she need to be taught customer service manners i would never speak to any customer in that way at all I feel like I don't want to go into that shop again or spend my money in Victoria secrets when I'm. Being spoken to in a horrible manner something needs done I await your reply.
Kind regards
Vicky Marsden

Nov 27, 2018

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