Victoria's Secret / customer service

Tacoma, Washington, WA, United States

I could not believe what happened to me today. A girl just got done sizing me. She left to go get me some similar bras to the ones I were wearing that I bought last time I was there. I stayed in the dressing room for about 10 minutes she had not came back. I Heard my daughter go in the stall next to me. My daughter asked me if I like the New bra I had on. And I voice to her that I was still waiting for the girl to bring me some. At that time another girl that worked there had heard me . And said oh she went on break. Can I hope you find something. I about died!!! I could not believe that she left to go to break did not let me know and did not relay the information to the person that was relieving her. I was standing there for nothing I have never had this happen at any store I've ever went in my life. On top of it when I was done shopping $1600 later she was the one that help me at the register she been did apologize. It took her 25 minutes to ring me up. I asked her to separate my stuff from my daughter stuff from my daughters friend stuff everything was mixed up I put it in different piles for her. And then I get home to take takes off to throw things in the washer and I have sensors still on three of my bras. So now I have to go back tomorrow to get the sensors removed. I will never go back to the Southhill Puyallup Victoria secrets again. I cannot believe I was standing in that dressing room and she left me there. Wow the most disrespectful thing

Oct 09, 2017

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