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I have been on the phone with customer service reps and a manager named Molly for over an hour. I placed an order online, the next I checked my email and it stated there was problems authenticating my order and VS will keep attempting up 7 days. I called in and the problem was simply my old card was on file. The rep updated my card and told me everything was fine. I got an email confirmation that my order was delivered today and the price was an $100.00 different from when I placed my order. Upon returning home this evening from work, I immediately called in and this is where the problems really began. The first rep was very quick to hear my problem and called in to an manager for assistance and came back telling me that is was nothing he could do but discount one bra back to the sale price. His manager informed him from the day I placed the order and the next day when I called in the sale was off. So me explaining my frustration, he starts addressing me not by name, but calling me Hun. I just told him I will call back and speak to another rep. I called back and the rep fully understood the problem and called to get an manager to override the problem. She comes back on the phone saying the manager wouldn't do it and she tried to explain to her also. At this point I asked to speak to the manager. Her name was Molly and she simply told me she was the same manager that denied the first transaction when I spoke the first rep. She told me to read the fine print, she didn't have to price match anything, she also lied and said every time I called it would be her because she was the only manager on duty. She is very incompetent about her job, unprofessional, rude and a lair! My email clearly states "VS will attempt to process my order 7 days from the initial date of purchase" and I called in the very next day! However with the third approach I spoke with a manager name Kristen, very sweet, professional and apologetic to the situation! She immediately fix the problem and thank me for service! Molly needs to be coached and needs another customer service assessment test because her skills are terrible!

Jul 31, 2018

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