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Viceroy Homes Ltd. / Scam and cheating!

1 414 Croft Street East,Port Hope, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-3875240

We overpaid viceroy homes over $100, 000 on 4 home packages for a development in California. We tried for 2 years to get our money back. At sometimes begging their Vancouver based California salesman to help, only to always be lied to. That might have meant he'd have to give back his commissions on our sale. Their accounting dept confirmed that we had $105k left in our account, when we pressed them for the refund the COO of the V.H. had someone else send us a handwritten note stating there was only $55.00 left. We are not the only ones who have lost their money dealing with Viceroy Homes. If you read their corporate records you will see that this is a pattern of retaining what they call 'forfeited deposits' totaling hundreds of thousands a year in profits, in their own words. After reading the corporate reports I think you'll think twice about giving them your money. We have begun filing complaints with several states attorney generals offices and will pursue this at the federal level as well. We are also complaining to the Canadian Government. I agree with the other complaints about Viceroy and the call for a class action suit. We will be doing our part to this end.

As a former sales person for Viceroy Homes I know all about Viceroy' ways of not disclosing and misleading people when they sell their products. Most of my time at Viceroy was spent trying to make the company honor warranty issues with customers. If you are considering giving them a deposit I would be more than happy to send you copies of e-mails regarding warranty matters and how they typically will settle for pennies on the dollar even when the mistakes are theirs. Viceroy's tactic on settling disputes is to wait you out and wear you down so you'l agree to settle for those pennies on the dollar
By the way, Viceroy Homes has been purchased by a Russian company and are now a private company. They don' have to publish corporate reports anymore.

Before you make the same mistake we did, trusting them and their smooth talking Vancouver based salesman in the blue suit, and giving them your hard earned money, Google deep and read about all the terms of their sale. With the current growth in the Russian construction market and the near constant downsizing of their Vancouver factory, one needs to wonder how much longer they will be around. The answers are all there if you read between the lines.

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  • Da
      10th of Sep, 2011
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    I have purchased a Viceroy and they are becoming a nightmare.
    Think long and hard before you go with them.
    When the build is finished I fully plan on writing a blog about the way I have been treated and such.
    In a few months Google Viceroy complaints and feel free to contact me. I will tell you the truth, after all what do I have to hide. I'm the idiot who bought it. I blame myself.

  • Sa
      26th of Sep, 2013
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    I bought in to their selling scams and I am regretting it now but will have to write my own complaint later when I am done with my building project which is now almost a year delayed. Definitely will not recommend ever.

  • Mr
      11th of May, 2014
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    We experienced the worst possible experience with VIceroy Homes. After the slick marketing and sales representatives the nightmare ensued with the Viceroy crews sent to build our cottage. The crew consisted mainly of alcoholics and lacked building skills. The construction sight was a disaster with their debris heaped everywhere. The shoddy workmanship was angrily defended by Viceroy Homes head office. Besides the inebriated crew and their unprofessional conduct, we did not get what we paid for due to substandard
    workmanship and poor quality materials. I hope that a class action lawsuit is in the near future for Viceroy Homes.

  • St
      27th of May, 2014
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    I purchased a Viceroy home from A&R Carpentry over six years ago and have had a constant list of issues from leaking basement, peeling paint, faulty siding and fascia board along with replacing two sets of shingles with very little customer support from the Viceroy head office and none from the owner of A&R Rene Ouellet.
    i believe we need to have a stronger voice to let them prospective buyers know the issues they will be getting into.

  • Nu
      25th of Nov, 2014
    -1 Votes

    My husband and I also built a custom viceroy through A & R carpentry. We have the same issues as Mr.Lusk our basement is cracked++ our roof is leaking into the bedroom in two areas, siding falling off the outside walls, and my lakeside windows rattle and spray water all over my cherry hardwood floors during a storm!! A& R owners will not even return our calls and Tarion doesn't cover squat after two years. We took possession of our, dream home' which has been nothing but a nightmare just over three years ago!! I have contacted Viceroy head office yesterday and am waiting for a call back still...great customer service ugg!! Next step I'm getting a lawyer before this house collapses around our ears-I don't recommend Viceroy at all.

  • St
      27th of Nov, 2014
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    Hi there, if you would like to discuss your issue with A&R and Viceroy would be happy to talk maybe we can push them together.I can provide my phone number.
    Steve Lusk

  • Pu
      22nd of Jan, 2015
    -1 Votes

    I too worked for viceroy homes for ten years in the manufacturing plant... I am no longer there, but We put out top quality products... hardwood flooring, trim, kitchen cabinets and stairs, all grade a lumber...
    I also live in a Viceroy Home and upon inspection we were told it is a very well built, top quality home...
    I think your quarrel is with contractors... you can have superior building products, but if not installed correctly can lead to a disaster in your home... example: windows in backwards will drain in, instead of outside your home... flooring installed incorrectly will warp etc etc
    My advice is to know your contractor!

  • St
      23rd of Jan, 2015
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    I agree the contractor is very important but it is difficult to get "real" referrals from the builder and they will not bother with issues once the Tarion warranty expires. I believe it is the responsibility of Viceroy to honour warranty issues relating to their approved builders.

  • Rj
      9th of Mar, 2015
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    We bought a FRAME UP package from Viceroy (which did not include 3rd party products such as roofing, siding, doors, windows, flooring, drywall, etc. ) and had it delivered to our site. We did NOT use their recommended builders. ( it is our opinion the recommended builders / installers used by most large retail operations are NOT the best, having experienced this in the past and learned our lesson ) We did our homework and used local builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.. We have had no surprises and supervised every detail. The build was not without it's issues, as all are, but we had complete control. Viceroy kept their end of the deal by providing us with an excellent well made product constructed from OUR design. Our builders will attest to the quality and ease of construction. We are very satisfied.

  • Ke
      30th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    Good luck with your suits. Most of the above are the contractors responsibility IMO. We have been framing Viceroy models for over 15 years, and have NEVER had a complaint - ever -, having stated that, I should mention that we are a crew of Master Carpenters, and we build with absolute precision. If there were foundation problems we brought it to the attenion of the home owner as well as the general contractor "IN WRITING" so that everyone was informed of possible problems and/or solutions, that as framers we may or may not be able to correct. on another note, Viceroy has shut their doors! None of the phones work anymore and other builders are now marketing the "Viceroys" as their own. I've ben told that even the slightest change makes the plans cusotmized - so than it is not stealing?? Wow how the world turns. Don't get me started on all of the lives that are affected by the Viceroy sudden closure, which started it's decline the moment it was rebought by Canada Wood Frame Solutions December of 2012 whcih is a Canadian-owned and operated organization based in western Canada. The company consists of principals from the finance and related wood frame and building industries, with global interests and experience. I task anyone to find out any information on this company at all...

  • Pe
      24th of Mar, 2016
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    I bought a Viceroy package (the Invermere) a few years ago and have nothing but praise for Viceroy. Extremely easy to make changes to the design, top quality lumber, fantastic blue prints, great windows etc. Me and a friend framed it and we were both extremely impressed. I agree with R J Graham and Kevin Dirplan above, I think your complaints are mainly contractor related, not Viceroy. The one time I had to contact Viceroy during the building process (one window was a mirror-image of what was specified, two windows had cracked glass panes, I got new ones free-of-charge, although I had to pick up in Port Hope) they were very professional. Go look at how subdivision houses are put together, and you will be impressed by the the Viceroy quality!
    But yes I guess they are having difficulties lately (after it was sold -again), and the Toronto sales center is no longer open, nor is Montreal. Too bad for a company that has been in business over 50 years and supplied a quality product.

  • Mo
      30th of Mar, 2017
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    There so many mixed reviews about weather or not viceroy can deliver. We are considering buying a viceroy but are scared we may lose our money.Has anyone out there purchased one recently? I would love to hear from you. We live in southern Ontario, near Belleville . my email is thanks

  • Jo
      19th of Apr, 2017
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  • No
      15th of Nov, 2018
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    I put money down on a package, two weeks later I was informed by the scam artists at Port Hope that Viceroy was involved in a court action and that all my funds were tied up in said action. I asked for my money back and was told that that was not going to happen. When I threatened to sue I was told " to get in line ". Stay away from this company they are scamming people out of hard earned money. This all transpired within the year of 2017.

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