Viagogoviagogo will not return my ticket to me or let me use it even though it has not sold

M Nov 15, 2017

I had four tickets listed for Little Mix on 15/11/17.
The listing number is [protected].
Three tickets sold, leaving one left.

I noticed at 4.30 pm on the day of the concert that the ticket had been removed by Viagogo without my Knowledge, I had no email or no advance warning of this.

I called Viagogo at the earliest opportunity, which was 4.50 pm and spoke to Jalina to see why it had been removed.

I was told because it had not sold and collection had to be by 5.30pm.
It was a physical impossibility to get to collect it by that time.

If I had been informed this was the case I could have collected this and gone to the concert and not wasted an unused ticket. As it stands I cannot even go to the concert now and I am not able to collect the ticket by the time I have now found out is my deadline. The concert starts at approximately 7ish and I can get there so why can I not collect my ticket?
Little mix don't come on until 9pm so I could still get there very easily but you will not allow me to have access to my unsold ticket.

Nowhere on the small print can your staff point out where I am told this in advance.

I asked for this ticket to be left at the box office for me to collect. I was told that these tickets are at an office 50 mins away. They won't stay past 530pm, so I have asked for the ticket to be taken to the box office for me to collect?

I am really upset at this service.

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