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can you please investigate Viagogo scammers ! People have been getting ripped off for a very long time !

I paid £347.98 for 2x Adele tickets, where the face value of each was only £55, as I found out when the tickets arrived. INFLATION over 300% !!!. In addition to that, they charged me £99.25 booking fee, yes that is not a typo, almost 100 pounds in booking fee + $9.95 delivery. I bought the ticket on 02/DEC/2016, this was the day/hour when Adele's tickets were released. There was no information at viagogo's website what the face value is, I did not even realise that I am buying a re-sold tickets, since I was buying them at the same time of the ticket date release.


Peter Nemec

Jun 23, 2017

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