Viagogo / refused full refund, I requested cancellation within 72hrs, they provided misleading and false information, last minute inflated add-on cost

United Kingdom

Customer ID: [protected] Lorna Humphrey. Rival Sons, Barrowland, Glasgow, 01 Feb 2019 19:00. Purchased 3 concert tickets Total: £209. 76 Website has a 10 minute timer, provided misleading and fake information on availability and cost. Countdown on availability stated I was purchasing the last 3 tickets (false). Short time pressure to complete purchase and hugely inflated add-on charges added at last second of purchase.
These tickets are widely available from other vendors with clearly stated 72hr cancellation options and no hidden add-ons and at a total cost of £66.
No only did the site provide false and misleading information and pressure to purchase it also added on a 318% profit margin to the consumer's base cost. This is unlawful by law.
If you provide me with a full refund and I will close my case for complaint.

Oct 19, 2018

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