Viagogohidden taxes

On 11 of january I payed like bellow:

Price/ticket €300.00 (so to understand that 300 euro is the price that accepted for the ticket – tribuna tevere but another seats)
Number of tickets x 4
Subtotal €1, 200.00

Booking fee €343.98 (this is the only booking fee that I accept)
Vat €68.79
Secure ticket delivery €18.95
Total price €1, 631.72

And I received a ticket for 119, 6 euro, means 119.6 eur x 4 tickets = 478.4 euro when I asked about my tickets, I received this halucinant answer:

“the full price including fees is clearly advertised before you confirm the purchase. // nooo, noo, no the full price was not clearly advertised before I confirm the purchase, I accepted and I confirm the ticket for 300 euro, not 119.6 euro, you have hidden fees and it’s total illegal, shame on you.
Viagogo charges a service fee on top of each ticket price. This fee is clearly displayed in the check-out process and covers the cost of maintaining the viagogo platform, providing customer service and sending tickets.
The delivery fee which you have been charged is a standard handling fee for all orders. This fee covers the support of the delivery process and is non-refundable.”

I dont care if you are a platform, a robot or a space men, I dont give a s*it, I care about my money, and viagogo, I book the tickets from this website and legal was to show me cleary from the beggining that I will pay 300 euro/ticket and I will receive a 119 euro/ticket.
This means clearly displayed from the beggining.
Not even on my email I didnt received the confirmation for 119 euro/ticket.

I"m trying to fix my problem since 1 week ago, and they are acting like they dont understand...


May 08, 2017

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