Viagogobooking fees

Hi, I'm Rachael Clark, and I have just booked tickets for Blink 182 at Manchester Arena, at 66 pounds each, only to find the booking fees at almost 23 pounds each!

This is appalling as the tickets are already bought at resale value. I understand that your business needs to make some money, however to add nearly £100 to the cost of 4 tickets is ridiculous and unfair.

We are genuine music fans who want to go and watch our favourite musicians live, yet we never get a look in when tickets are on general sale. Again I understand your company needs to make money but £23 for the whole purchase as a fee would be more appropriate and fair.

When booking the tickets those fees were not clearly visible to us, had we known we may not have continued with the purchase.

I would appreciate a partial refund to be given to us as we were unaware of the extent of the booking fees, which should of been made known to us in advance.

I expect to hear back from you soon.

Thank You

May 16, 2017

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