Viagogo / being charged £4.98 each for our emailed tickets, plus 2 booking fees

United Kingdom

10.10.2017 I decided against buying my gig tickets from your website because despite the tickets being cheaper, and despite opting for emailed tickets, you wanted to charge me £4.98 postage for each ticket (WTF!) AND a booking fee for each ticket (see previous bracketted comment). So two tickets which cost a little over £25 totalled £78. No thanks. This is what we music fans call a rip off. You lost our sale.

My desired resolution would be that if you want me and other savvy music fans to purchase gig tickets via your website - do not charge delivery for emailed tickets and booking fees per ticket. We do not appreciate being ripped off and will go elsewhere. Our tickets cost of £62 from another website.

And when I replied to the Welcome to Viagogo email it bounced back as undeliverable - twice - and it was not a no reply email. This is also not great customer service.

Oct 13, 2017

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