Vauxhall Partnersmoral values

I recently went to buy a Vauxhall car having owned one for 7 years, with their partners scheme everyone is a winner on price you either pay £13000 in the scheme or £21000 if a fool.
I was offerred a Partner discount by a friend who said he would be my brother in law, another colleague got all these discounts because the dealerships falsify the papers.
I now find I need to ask my friend to lie on my behalf or pay an extra £8000 to be honest, am I a fool or Vauxhall the devils advocate promoting fraud on a massive scale, the result is honest people like me are either ripped off or live with the guilt.
Damn it hurts but I will have to buy another vehicle other than Vauxhall so much for being honest when the world demands we be otherwise.

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