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This complaint does directly relate to a new Vauxhall Viva and Vauxhall themselves, although we actually purchased it through a Vauxhall Dealer, Evans Halshaw of Chilwell, Nottingham on 23 October 2015. We purchased it as new from the dealership, although it had been with them since first registered as new, July 2015. Registration is FB15 BTO. It was in fact the one in the showroom and had only 18 miles on the clock.

We were pleased with the vehicle for the first couple of months and then after Christmas 2015 it developed a squeaking noise somewhere from the back of the vehicle, particularly when going over bumpy surfaces or speed humps. I contacted the garage and they asked me to bring it in. I asked if it was possible to have a courtesy car, but it wasn't so I had the day off work and took it in. They kept it most of the day and said it was fine now, so I went to collect it and took it home, The next morning, my wife drove the car and the squeak was still there, so I contacted the garage again and they asked me to bring it back again with no courtesy car available. They again kept it most of the day and they rang me to say it had been tested and no squeak. I went to collect the vehicle and took it home.

We drove it for the next few days and lo and behold the squeak was back and it had also developed what can only be described as a rumbling, grating sound from the back of the vehicle when reversing or starting off, particularly after having been parked for a while. I contacted the garage again and they said to bring it in and there had actually been a re-call issue on them which they would attend to. I did say that I would need a courtesy car this time, which they arranged, They kept it all day and rang me in the afternoon to say it was fine and the re-call issue had fixed both problems. My wife collected it and the next morning took it out and although the squeak seemed to have gone, the rumbling, grating noise was still there when starting off. We kept trying it out for the next few days and everytime the same thing, when reversing or pulling forward on starting off. I contacted the garage again and they suggested this time bringing it in and they would keep it for a week to thoroughly test it and we had another courtesy car, which my wife collected and straight away realised there was barely enough petrol in it to get her home! As you can imagine by now we were getting pretty fed up. The garage rang me a couple of days later and said they kept hearing the noise but could not find anything mechanically wrong with the vehicle and had contacted Vauxhall themselves to ask them how to proceed. Vauxhall suggested replacing the shock absorbers, which they ordered. They told me they were not available and they would get some as soon as they could, 4 weeks went by and we heard nothing. So we had not had our new car now for some time which we had paid for without using finance and we were to say the least not happy and did feel that we should by now either have a replacement vehicle or money back. After I complained to Vauxhall themselves, the garage decided to take shock absorbers from an existing Vauxhall Viiva they had in stock and put them on our vehicle. This was done, vehicle tested and they rang me to say it was okay and ready for collection. I collected it and took it home.

The next morning on taking the car out, amazingly there it was again, the dreaded noise. We were now so fed up we could have quite easily driven the car through the showroom window!! It had also now developed a strange ticking sound when going slow, such as in traffic queues. After a few days just to make sure it was somehow, hopefully a one off, I contacted the garage yet again, they said to bring it back again and we had yet another courtesy car, which we told the garage to bring to us and they could take ours back. The guy who collected the vehicle straight away confirmed that he heard both noises when reversing the vehicle off our drive. The garage did keep me updated fairly regularly this time, but still did not really know what to do. They contacted Vauxhall again and in the end after about 1 and a half weeks they moved a bracket which seemed to be causing the problem and said this had occurred on others. Ironically the car by now was due for its first service, so I said to the garage whilst they had it they may as well do it's first service. They said fine and that the cost was £140 amazingly, to which I said that I thought after all the hassle I had had, it should be free. They couldn't or wouldn't do that, but agreed to reduce the cost to £115. I reluctantly agreed and collected the vehicle on Friday 22/7/2016. It was pretty filthy when I went to collect it, no cleaning, valleting or anything. The vehicle seemed okay for a couple of weeks, we then went on holiday for 2 weeks and on returning and using the car the strange ticking noise was there again. We contacted the garage and were told to bring it in, but no hire car available until 22 September 2016. We took it in and they kept it for about 7 weeks even consulting another dealer, Pentagon, neither dealer could establish what was wrong.

We actually in the end never had the car back, we decided we were so fed up with it all instead purchased another car, not another Viva but a Corsa, from them but having to pay an extra £2000 to do so. This was basically because it was of course a new car against what was by now a 14 month old car. Vauxhall themselves were approached by both the garage and ourselves with a view to replacing the vehicle with a new one, but refused after a 3 week decision period because of the age of our vehicle. I wrote to Vauxhall and said I was absolutely appalled and disgusted at this as citing the age of our vehicle as the reason was ridiculous as it had been an ongoing issue since early 2016 when the vehicle was relatively new. We felt that at least some of the £2000 we have now put into a new vehicle should be recompensed to us, but they refused point blank. The garage has reimbursed the cost of the service completely and the first service on the new vehicle is free. Vauxhall themselves however have not come forward with any compensation at all, which I find staggering.

Robert Hardy
10 Kingsley Crescent
NG10 3DB

Jan 12, 2017

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