Vauxhall / non arrival of part for corsa

United Kingdom

I purchased my Vauxhall Corsa Club 1.3 diesel in December 2009, it is an 08 plate. The heater stopped working properly in November, and as the car is still under warranty, i booked it into Peter Vardy, Perth on 1st December 2010 for repair. I have been in constant contact with P Vardy as the part required to fix my car has still not been delivered. The garage state their hands are tied as the part is coming direct from Vauxhall and not through their normal parts ordering department. The garage state they are constantly chasing this up but do not seem to be getting anywhere. Surely they should know where the part is coming from. The part required is a Control Unit S-10690. That is 6 weeks now i have had to rely on using my friends car, even though P Vardy did offer me a hire car, this was returned as it had a £500 excess attached to it. I wasn't offered a courtesy car as they were all booked out. I am now, very frustrated, and extremely annoyed that there is no one taking resposnbility for me as a customer, and there is no estimated date when i can expect to get my car back. Surely Vauxhall have to compensate me for this massive inconveniece!!

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