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Enrolled in Medical Assistant Program in St. Joseph Mo, July 15 2013. Started off such a wonderful program and such great staff, I had found out I was pregnant May 2014 while still enrolled, all my instructors knew and so did the office staff. I had made deans list on 6 out of 7 phases. When it had came to my extern I was placed at a Social Welfare Office around October and was only there for 4 weeks and had roughly 96 hours clocked in out of 160, the nurses at the Social Welfare Office made rude comments about how I was always sitting when I was never let to use my training, only when they needed me to shred or organized supply closets. I had went back to my instructor and she had to me not to go back and she would find me a new extern site. I still had not heard anything back from my instructor after numerous texts and calls I had sent of the two months November- December. I had my baby December 17 and during labor I had received a call from Vatterott stating that I needed to be at the campus the next two days for attendance, which I did not go due to my baby being born and having a two day stay. I had called Vatterott Campus back the next week and they had told me I was considered a "drop" student due to me not coming in those two days. I had asked to talk to the campus education director and I was put to her answering machine, so I left a message for her to call me back when she received it. No call the next day, so I had called her back and still no answer. I had called her for two weeks and left a message each time. Still no answer for two weeks until I had to be a little rude with my message asking her to call me back, then she finally called me back within 10 minutes. I had how I was considered a drop student when I was never answered back from my instructor, She had said she would have to call cooperate. After a week of not hearing back from her I had called her back just to let her know I was moving to Springfield area and if she could help me contact the Vatterott in Springfield to finish my course and had replied that I would need to make the call and figure it out myself. So after I had got all moved to Springfield I had called the Vatterott office and asked if I could re-enroll and simply finish my hours. They had told me since I was considered a drop student I could not just pick up my 96 hours and finish, that I would have to re-enroll into the new medical assistant office management course. Which I am not doing because I already have already over $30, 000 of student loans that I have to pay back when they didn't even let me finish my course. Vatterott is such crooks and I would never recommend to another person in my life.

May 20, 2015
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      10th of Dec, 2012
    Vatterott College - Everything that vatterott did not teah me
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    They told me they could teach me the code book to take the master exam they were teaching me stuff i already new

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