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Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia
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30/1/17 4.30pm to 5. Pm (Approx) at fremantle wa australia valley girl shop.
I was in the shop at that time picked up clothing to try...
. Lady in charge at shop mopped the change room and blocked access to same. When enquired she said it will take 2 hrs to dry and that the shop will close in 1/2 hrs time.
. I was so stunned ! Asked her why she didn't notify me when I was browsing and picking up clothes as I wouldn't have bothered if unable to try the clothes.
. She said she had to leave on time to pick her son up. (I had no problem with that but if only she told me earlier)
. I ask if she's manager she said she's assistant manage. She said she couldn't give me her name.
Appeal you to investigate looking at the cameras during those time. Much appreciated.

Jan 30, 2017

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