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On May 27th 2009 I tried to get onto the web site for Medieval Times and inadvertently ended up on the web site for Before I realized it I purchased three tickets online for a show on June 10th. Less than 5 minutes later when I realized what had happened I cancelled them online through the exact same site and requested a refund to my credit card.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dallas, TXWhen I didn't receive any refund I called and spoke to someone in customer service who told me that their policy is that I FORFEIT $100.00 and get a voucher for the other $102.29 to THEIR web site. I live less than 15 miles from Medieval Times so of course I never would have purchased tickets through a vacation web site.
The customer service supervisor told me the same thing as the customer service person and both individuals were very rude on the phone. They also charged $25.00 more than Medieval Times for the tickets.
They are a total rip off and their policies are unfair to the unknowing public!

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      Jul 18, 2010

    I booked through them last minute for a hotel near Chicago (8 minutes away from the zoo and other fun things.) I was already on the road driving and almost to my destination when I received my vouchers, which lo and behold, were for a hotel 50 miles away in Bluff Park! The hotel where I arrived had no problem calling their "sister" hotel and canceling my reservation, but when I called to inquire as to why I was charged for a king size, jacuzzi room and my tickets said STANDARD, non-smoking preferred for the same price... they had no answer. I was then told that it was Choice Hotel policy and not their policy regarding the cancellation for the room I did not want over 50 miles out of town. It was not the room I had reserved, nor was it even in the town I asked for!

    I gave the representative the phone number for this hotel when he was told it was not in his system (which was how I found it in the first place - I searched for "Chicago hotel jacuzzi" and was led to their site) so that they could attempt to "pay" for this hotel instead. He put me on hold to attempt calling while I was standing at the desk and then switched over and told me the line had been busy and he could not get through. He further informs me that I am not staying at a Choice hotel, despite the fact that this hotel was able to call and cancel my room so easily due to them both being Choice hotels, and that they don't do same day cancellation policy. I have went to and looked for hotels in the Bluff Park area and was informed that they are working on currently working on servicing the area... this hotel was chosen for me by and NOT one of the ones we had discussed. I remember the exact description and how far away it was from everything... 8 minutes from some places... and was extremely stressed and disappointed to get here and realize that I had to pay for not only my hotel now (that I THOUGHT was taken care of), but I also now have to attempt to deal with their fraudulent practices.

    My money has not been taken out of my Discover account yet, but has been put on hold by this company. Their policy of keeping "100% percent" of a refund is disgusting whenever they apparently set up vacations at a hiked rate or even SEND THEM TO THE WRONG PLACE and then say that their hands are tied. Avoid at all costs. It was cheaper for me to go through the hotel!!

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  • No
      Jan 23, 2011

    So let me get this straight. You booked your tickets through this website, gave them your credit card number; but then say afterwards that you'd never buy through a travel site? So if I'm following your logic - Vacations Made Easy is evil because you weren't paying attention when you bought Medieval Times tickets?

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  • Ca
      Sep 06, 2018 - Ticket Sales for Pirate Show Myrtle Beach
    Myrtle Beach
    South Carolina
    United States

    They mark up the ticket price. If you want a cash refund they charge you 25% of your total order. AVOID THEM! Go straight to the source.

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