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My name is: James E. Thompson, N7495 535th St., Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751
On December 5, 2008 I filled out an application for membership and payed $2, 800 to Vacation Services Of America in Branson, MO to be sent to Vacation Travel Club in Benton Harbor, MI for a membership in the club.
Because of some finacial concerns when we got home in Wisconsin, we decided that we did not want the club to process a membership for us. I phoned the Vacation Travel Club in Michigan and explained to them that we did not want them to go adead and process a membership for us and that we wanted our money back that was sent with the membership application. They said ok and I sent them an e-mail as requested to verify my request.
I also phoned and spoke with the Sales Rep., Office Manager and Owner of Vacation Services Of America in Branson about our finacial concern and they basicly said sorry...but we are keeping your money...even though the "parent company" had not received, nor processed our membership yet.
Please help us through and with this!!! Vacation Services Of America in Branson are obviously "crooked" and people need to be advised and warned.
Thank You,
Sincerely, Jim Thompson

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  • Ds
      Dec 12, 2008

    For All Vacation Travel Club Scams
    File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General in Michigan
    Also file complaints for the travel company that sold the membership.
    We need to stop these people & their companies.

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  • Br
      Jun 11, 2009

    All paperwork signed by you at the time of the sale is required by the state of Missouri to be given to you at the time of purchase. In that paperwork there is a page that explains how to rescind or cancel your contract. As long as you follow those guidelines the request for cancellation must be honored. A phone call does not work according to the law. The request for cancellation also has to go through the company that you purchased the membership from, which should be stated in your paperwork.

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  • Ed
      Jun 13, 2009

    i have no such paperwork. we were given only 2 papers and it says nothing about cancelling. we signed several papers but they were not given to us. i've tried since the day we got back from branson to cancel and i keep getting the run around. the reason is i called the day we got back to book another vacation and the prices i was given were higher than if i got online and booked with the airline and hotel myself! when i told the rep this and quoted their "lowest price guarantee" she said oh we never represented that...blah, blah, blah!!! so they lied! cheated and stole from me! if you have any advise that i can use to cancel my membership, please email me @ [protected]


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  • Jo
      Aug 12, 2009

    Almost a year ago I fell for this same scam. We paid $2, 000. and some paid $7, 000. I felt sorry for them when I got home and checked the company out on line. Nothing good was said about them. I tried to use the club to get a deal on a vacation a few months ago and I could book it cheaper without this membership. I don't want them taking money out of my checking acc. for membership fees so I did notify my bank. Now when I try to cancel they say it has to be in writing. I expect them to give me a hard time. I learned a very good $2, 000. lesson and I think the people going to Branson should be warned somehow.

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  • Ve
      Jan 12, 2011

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  • 52
      Jul 01, 2018

    Do not use Brent James Hedrick in Branson Missouri

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  • Th
      Feb 07, 2019

    its makes me sad when there is companies out there doing this to people an giving a bad name to the companies that actually do what they say they will actually do.My wife an i attended a presentation in florida an it was a good experience we paid xxxxx how ever we have used ares for almost a year now an have already made back half of what we paid for are membership back to us.I will add that u should always get your copys of contract an know what your buying before you make a purchase ask to see some examples ect ect but i will say better investment for me then the stock market.

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