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[Resolved] Vacation Property Resales, Inc. / Buyatimeshare or vacation property resales, inc what ever their name is, is a big scam, this company ripped me off

1 5406 hoover blvd unit 4Tampa, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 813-902-9743

this company is a big scam i paid this company a total of 599.00 and all they did for me was listed my timeshare online, something i could do for free myself. this company tell you that your timeshare will sell very fast, all they did was ripped me off. or vacation property resales, inc is all the same thing a big scam be alert.
i tried to get my money back and this was the answer i got from a men name Jason Hamilton
our service PROPERLY

I suspect that you might be drunk right now because there is absolutely no rationalizing with you. Instead you prefer to throw out insults and accusations and act as if you are a victim. We can sell your timeshare, despite whatever you think. But we cannot create demand for it and we certainly cannot sell it for more than its worth. Like I said, feel free to contact me when you are sober if you truly want to sell this timeshare.
what answer is that. This company should not be in business. someone should do something about it.

Resolution statement customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

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  9th of Apr, 2009
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My name is Jason Hamilton and I am a manager here at Vacation Property Resales. I have had several dealings with Mr. Guzman and am responding to the complaint he filed. We have tried over and over to explain to him that just because there have not been offers on his timeshare; it is in no way reflective of our efforts. He paid to market his timeshare for sale and we have done precisely that. To be frank, there is no other company that can generate the type of exposure that we can for the fee he paid. We have had literally hundreds of people viewing his ads. To view this marketing reach, simply go to and type in the keyword phrase “Buy Timeshare”, the most basic and used search term for potential buyers, and out of over 34 million results our website has the first two results organically! The bottom line is if someone is looking to buy timeshares and uses the internet, they’ll find us. This customer refuses to acknowledge the fact that the economy isn't that strong and prefers to point fingers and play the victim than actually do what it takes to sell his property. We have basically pleaded with this customer to adjust his sales price to be more competitive in the market but he seems to believe that if he can't make a profit on his timeshare, then we must be scamming him! To make matters worse, he has only been listed for 9 months and anyone that knows about timeshare resales that is not long at all, especially when he is currently priced higher than similar listings. My customer service department has tracked over 10 conversations with this customer and I personally discussed his account with him several times. In nearly every one of these conversations, we suggested that his price be lowered to be more competitive. Of course, almost every time he yells and says we are scamming him and hangs up on is instead of taking our advice. It is very frustrating dealing with someone who is so closed minded. He simply refuses to listen to reason. He claims we guaranteed a sale in 90 days which is simply not true. Not only was he not told that, he was informed as with all customers, that we cannot guarantee a time of sale nor the price at which a property sells. How could we possibly guarantee a time of sale when we have no control over how reasonable a customer prices their property? Like I said, he is steadfast on the belief that he should make a profit on this property and despite our efforts to inform of the contrary, he refuses to heed our advice. Despite this customer being incredibly rude and cantankerous, my company has gone above and beyond to give Mr. Guzman the advice he needs to sell his timeshare and has dealt with his rude remarks, but like I said, not only does he not take the advice, he uses this as his reasoning to claim we are a scam of sorts. Below is the last communication I had with this customer:

Mr. Guzman,

I apologize if anything we discussed came off as anything but cordial yesterday. To be honest, it’s very frustrating trying to help someone out when they either don’t want the help or simply won’t open up their mind. Mr. Guzman, we are advertising your timeshare and we will be able to find a buyer, but you MUST work with us and not against us. You must price this property competitively. While I understand you may have more money into this then what you may get out of it, but that is beyond our control as we cannot control the market for any timeshares. So if you truly want to sell this timeshare, you need to stop pointing fingers and accusing us of being a scam and start to accept the fact that the economy isn’t that strong and the price may need to be dropped. You can go to any message board you want and call us a scam and write whatever you want but that still isn’t going to accomplish the goal we set out to do, which is to sell your timeshare. We aren’t going to refund the fee, so if you don’t work with us you will simply lose that money and believe it or not I don’t want that. I want you to sell your property. So like I was trying to say yesterday, if you have a sincere desire to sell I am happy to work with you to make that happen but you need to price this property right. I hope you make the right choice.

As you see, we are trying to work with this customer. We sell timeshares every day, and are one of the top resale companies in the world. Having said that, we can only do so much. Some people are very hard to deal with and to this point; Mr. Guzman is one of those people. As I have stated many times to this customer, I am happy to help him in any way I can but he must work with us. I can be reached at with any questions regarding this complaint.

Jason Hamilton

  1st of Jun, 2009
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I was also scamed by (aka Vacation Property Resales). First I was advised to list my Wyndham Bonnet Creek @ 23, 900, much more then some of your other listings for the same unit. This I assume is to void your claim of returning the listing fee if the unit sells within 15% of origanial asking price. I have lowered the price to 17, 900 and not a single offer in 8 months. The only thing I have gotten for my listing fee is that evey ### in this resale industry has contacted me. Timeshares by Owner, Resort Rentals International, Resort Solutions, Universal Marketing Solutions, Executive Timeshare Marketing, Creative Vacation Solutions, all claiming they are the only honest company, and I would only sell my timeshare using their proven method. FYI, All of these companies have complaints on the web. I would love to see proof that any of these outfis have ever sold anything, my fax # 970-262-7683. Mr Hamilton, what does your company actually do to sell these listings? It looks like i am waiting for someone to stumble onto my ad. I have also emailed you along with Mr. Kogelman

The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.

  4th of Aug, 2009
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Every company has complaints against them somewhere on the vast internet. You hired an advertising company. And since you don't understand what goes on behind the scenes, you think this is an excuse to complain. Please understand that thousands of people have successfully sold their timeshares via advertising. And you think that because an advertisement does not get your property sold right away it does not work at all? Incorrect.

These companies are your best bet of selling your timeshare. But complaining is much easier. is doing what it was contracted to do, even if you think they should do more. No other advertising media will provide such extensive expsure for such a low, one time price.

  5th of Aug, 2009
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Friendly, Finding victoms must be slow, You obviously work for these shysters, and do not have a timeshare listed. Maybe these complaints are working as pepole get informed about your industries fraudulent business practices.

  12th of Aug, 2009
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"Jeff, " I know about the industry. I do not have a timeshare listed, but I did and you really should understand that your best bet of selling a timeshare is to advertise it for sale, or else no one will know it's for sale. Rest assured, it really is your best bet of a sale. You hired an advertising company and they are advertising your timeshare. How is that fraudulent? It IS your best bet friend!

  13th of Aug, 2009
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Friendly...What I was told was..."We have more request for rentals then we have properities, why not list with us, the biggest and the best, we will rent your unit while we waite for a buyer, we will have it sold in 3-6 months tops" It has been a year, no rentals no offers. I have learned your company has a D rating @ BBB, and you are all a bunch of scume bag liars

  4th of Feb, 2010
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hay Friendly & Jason Hamilton & Quincy's been 18 months sence you LIED to me. I have heard nothing from your sleze bag company, how do yoiu guys sleep at night?

The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.

  5th of Feb, 2010
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With 100, 000’s of clients throughout the world, there are occasional
issues that may arise, as with any large organization. We try to do
everything within our power to over deliver, but as with any service or product, it’s ultimately the end users decision and feelings that may spark such erroneous comments, if in fact we haven’t met their expectations.

We are the most technologically advanced Timeshare Resale Advertising firm worldwide. With this being said our customer base is very tech savvy, many are in top 3% income brackets with higher levels of education then the average purchaser, this educated, affluent customer base cultivates environments for new age media such as blogs, threads, viral marketing, which may lead to false accusations and or opinions of a non customer.

Many accusations against our company are simply untrue, some have been found to be from competitors trying to tarnish’ name. We spend millions on Advertising, Social Media, PR and answering all complaints related to our business practices with integrity at the forefront of each managerial decision. Our customer base signs and agrees to specific terms, these aren’t hidden, they are in plain sight. The agreements made between and the potential seller or renter is clear, with 3 levels of verification procedures to make sure our customer base is fully aware of our aggressive advertising practices. We have thousands of happy customers, but unfortunately these blogs aren’t focused on happy customers. If a customer is tech savvy do your research, we promise you will find that provides the most ethical methods of reselling and renting timeshares

Please, we challenge whoever views these statements to follow the link below and read our

Keep an eye on our recently sold properties, you may in fact see your property on this list in the near future.

-If you are still not 100% satisfied, please contact Customer
Service at (800) 640-6886 or (800)-882-0296 or email us at with any concerns regarding your account and it
will be our top priority to respond immediately and with integrity.

Please keep in mind Timeshares are not a monetary investment, but an investment in lifestyle! Price your property accordingly!

  24th of Feb, 2010
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Luis...just do what you say you will do...I have been LIED to

The user did not respond to the messages. The review should not be taken into consideration.

  27th of Feb, 2010
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To Jason Hamilton, Friendly, and Luis Velleda:

PROVE IT- that this is a legitimate company that actually sells timeshares; list a few that you have actually sold. There are mortages involved and purchasessales of real property, which all have to be recorded on public record.

  29th of May, 2010
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We paid $1050 on 8/15/06. The agent suggested listing prices for our timeshares and convinced us that they would be able to rent and sell our timeshares within 90 days. We never heard from them after we paid them, not a phone call or a letter. They are a complete scam. We get phone calls once a week from companies claiming the same things. They say we are intitled to our money back from this company. What a bunch of lies.

  18th of Jun, 2010
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I was rip off by this company too, now I am trying to find the web site and obviously they have changed their name again. I spoke to VICTORIA THOMAS the representative who lied and stole my money. She even pretended to be called christian and an honest person who "just wanted to help me" (bunch of lies). I have never received any offers. They tell you and make you believe everything is true, but its only a scam. I will never trust anyone who calls me to sell me something over the phone!

  10th of Jun, 2011
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I was scammed by this company also. I have definitely learned my lesson.

  27th of Oct, 2011
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Quincy Browne is pushing me now. I have already been scammed by others and am out $1500. Now I have a Timeshare trying to get me to pay them to take it off my hands and Quincy is telling me not to. I am realizing there is no way to sell a timeshare. They are worth nothing and they are more of a liability, not an investment. I should just try and stop the bleeding by finding a way to make it work even though my Wife hates it and will not use it or the RCI exchange serves. I am loosing my weeks now and paying huge maintenance fees. Thank you for this information and rpreventing me from wasting any more time with Quincy

  31st of Oct, 2011
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All these complainers are doing nothing more than making it more difficult to sell their timeshares. Think about this: Does it make sense to try and tarnish an industry of which you own a share? Of course not!! Not only that, it makes even less sense to try and tarnish a website that you are using to try and market your timeshare!? Hey there's an good idea...tell the world not to trust the website that has YOUR timeshare listed for sale on it. is the most honest, well marketed, and the best option availible for anyone trying to sell a timeshare. Unfortunately, strong emotions lead to irrational judgements, and this biased witchhunt is centered around the wrong company. That being said, if anyone wants to buy a timeshare, go to google and type that in. You'll know where to find one.

  20th of Aug, 2015
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These peoples complaints are 100% legit complaints. I worked for this company for nearly 3 yrs and we were encouraged to lie to the client bc we got paid 40% off the "advertising fee" and the owner got paid immediately... I will be the whistle blower to all who have paid upwards of close to $3k for the same device that the guy that paid $199 got... It's wrong.. These timeshares have been on the market since I've worked there back in 2005... I check the site often just to see if any properties iv ever listed, sold... Less than a tenth of a percent have. Truly sad the owners made millions and the timeshare owners are still stuck paying their maintenance fees yr after yr... Something wrong with this picture...

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