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USPS / inefficiency, stupidity and incompetence

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The USPS was unable to give me detailed information about two identical charges submitted to American Express on the same day because their PO Box clerk was out for the day. No one else in the PO has access to the information. When I asked to speak with the Postmaster I was told he was out till Thursday and when inquired who was taking his place, I was told it was the route delivery supervisor with whom I was speaking. When I asked for the number of the Postmaster General in DC I was told they do not have that number. This bespeaks great inefficiency and is very sad, indeed! I am old enough to remember happier and more efficient times; times when POs were staffed with civil servants who responded with alacrity rather than platitudes which utterly frustrate even the simplest efforts to rectify a problem or make an inquiry. I suggest that this site compile a list of "action" phone numbers where one can get through to a real, live person that can assist in resolving a problem or respond to an inquiry in an interested, energetic, intelligent and resourceful manner. Being served by those who are mentally moribund or who left their brains at home or who simply do not care is a disgrace and an insult to the consumer's intelligence.

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  • Ge
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    The USPS is a business just like any other, and as such, it is supposed to serve the public and provide the service we pay for and expect to get for our money. If that service is not provided, or it is less than favorable, who can we complain to...and shouldn't the (ir-)responsible person(s) be held accountable for our loss?
    I sent 2 boxes from PA. (parcel post) on Aug. 7. One arrived at the destination in Ohio on Aug. 11. It is Aug. 16 and the other box has still not been received.
    I have called the destination Post Office twice to inquire after the missing box. The first time, I was told to be patient, that it could take up to 10 days to arrive. The second call, Josh took the pertinent information and said he would check for the box and would call me back in half an hour...I have waited 21 and one half hours for Josh to call you think he too got lost among the other lost packages sitting in the Post Office ? (Sarcastically)
    Seriously, what is my recourse...who can I complain to and will it help ?
    Perhaps I can try to track the box down myself if the USPS will provide information to me.

  • Re
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    It's time to privatize the Postal Service.

    It's bloated, corrupt and incompetent.

    It's a hindrance instead of an asset. That goes for most government agencies.


  • Mo
      27th of Dec, 2012
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    Many USPS employees and contractors are fine caring people who do do their best to help consumers.
    Unfortunately the many walls and barriers erected by USPS management (?) to protect themselves from customer contact and avoid any and all accountability make it all but impossible for even the best of USPS staff to perform effectively.
    So, yes, the USPS is broken but it's not so much a money issue problematic as that is but one of management attitude and incompetence.
    Fire the fat cats and maybe, just maybe, the Post Office can be saved.

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