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Uship has no way to register complaints or receive customer support. I paid the mandatory deposit to have a vehicle transported, but their software didn't work and the provider was not contacted that I had accepted his bid (which should have been done as evidenced by me having to pay a definate down payment). There is no way to contact U-ship to alert them to this problem and of course no refund given to me. They should not be allowed to sell services through the internet since they have no concern of customer satisfaction. Lets vote with our feet and take the business elsewhere.

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  • Mc
      Apr 05, 2009

    Uship doesnt even support American business- they allow the CUSTOMER to set prices. The customer having no knowledge of the cost for this service- makes it nearly impossible to win the bid- and accordingly- they get the worst service, usually provided by an illegal who has a truck and no documentation or insurance. But hey- anything to save a dollar. Suhip is a scam and classic fraud at its best. Of course they wont answer your calls- theyre too busy collecting money.

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  • Ma
      Apr 11, 2009

    This post is to inform not only the trucking industry but also the general public
    and various law enforcement agencies of the existence of unregulated
    individuals, brokers and companies operating in interstate and intrastate commerce.
    There are many small hotshots, owner operators and so called trucking companies that
    traverse the nations highways without the proper insurance, and who also fail to follow
    mandated regulations set forth by FMCSA.
    These companies we believe also contribute to the unreasonably low freight rates which
    all have been experiencing.

    That being said it brings me to the site I have a problem with.
    Uship ( ). This website boasts "SAVE UP TO 80% ON SHIPPING".
    The reason they can offer that is their use of transport service providers (TSP's)
    who are unlicensed, uninsured and unregulated by the agencies that over see interstate
    and intrastate commerce. Now there are some carriers on there that have complied with
    all government regulations, but the majority of their carriers are not compliant and uninsured.
    In fact anybody with a truck and trailer can sign up there and start bidding on loads.
    Uship does not screen or pre-qualify carriers for compliancy. They utilize a reverse auction
    format for the loads posted and this helps to drive the freight rates way below industry standards.
    I have seen loads moved at rates of $0.13 a mile. They act as a broker, taking a size able percentage
    from every load match and also charge a size able service charge on top of their percentage.
    All the while possessing NO broker authority, but in fact acting as one.
    Numerous times they have been informed of the carriers that are acting illegally and
    turn a blind eye even censoring attempts from legal carriers to inform the shippers of the laws
    and authority required to transport in a "FOR HIRE" capacity in their forums and in the
    load question and answer sections. Many times compliant carriers have been suspended from
    their website for the same actions of trying to inform. Their continued use of illegal carriers
    also creates a safety issue on the roadways. These unregulated drivers do not follow the laws the
    rest of us must and their equipment is not inspected as the rest of the trucking industries are.
    Also these illegal carriers almost always request cash payments from the shippers and do not report
    income to the IRS.

    In closing I would like to say that I would appreciate if you could take a closer look at this
    site and see them for who they really are.

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  • Ca
      Apr 29, 2009

    I agree fully to these allegations! I am a USDOT compliant carrier and am forced to compete with these so called TSP's on Uship..they dont have to pay the high cost of being compliant and always fly under the radar of State and federal USDOT officers.. I was recently pulled over as a USDOT compliant carrier in Iowa (These guys are agressive) I received a citation for not having IFTA (I was told I didnt need it by my home state) I talked with the officer there and was able to tell him about the many Illegal carriers out here and basicly what he told me was, that he can only pull over carriers who are obviously for hire and that he can not pull over someone who doesnt have their vehicle marked as a carrier! Well this is not right, these people out here and those who use USHIP are doing this on a continual basis and will never be pulled over and will continue to haul Illegally and non compliant...because who is going to stop them??? I have seen many car haulers out here pulling 3 and 4 cars on a trailer and with no IFTA stickers and with no names or DOT numbers on the side of the vehicle! I was pulled over by a regular state trooper in Iowa a year ago and he said the reason he pulled me over was he didnt see my signs on the door...I didnt have signs on the doors..they were on my Glass on the back doors 3" tall and in reflective letters and numbers! I know a USDOT legal carrier out of Michigan who when you look at his Profile on the FMCSA it says "Intrastate" It is not marked Interstate... yet he is going all over the place, into Minnesota, indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois. Its all on USHIP and the proof is there!!!

    Someone needs to get a court order and go into USHIP serve them the papers and bust them and the TSP's on UShip that are not USDOT compliant...The states are all have budget deficits and the fines that would be imposed on the Illegal, noncompliant TSP's and on USHIP for turning a deaf ear to the Illegal activities they give opportunity to and allow, which also robs the states of highway funds from permits and such. It also makes our highways unsafe as they are not running logbooks and are obviously running incompliant! I see on USHIP at least once a week someone saying they can pick up someones car for them on such and such a day and deliver it to them same day for a very small amount of money...600 to 700 miles away... That would be over 63.7 miles per hour for 11 hours straight and we all know that can't be done because some states are 55 mph and you cant average 63.7 MPH thru the big cities during rush hours ar legally do to 45 and 55 mph speed limits thru cities... I can go on but I wont...USHIP needs to be fined and shut down or made to conform to USDOT regulations! Central dispatch is a great example of how things should work... They require you to provide a Packet containing your MCS-150, proof of Commercial insurance and a a W-9 before you are allowed to becaome a member of the site! I suggested to Uship to do something simular but they have declined my request! Money is the only thing that matters to them! they dont care a bout legality, safety or Compliancy. I have been suspended on Uship 2 times for suggesting shippers hire only USDOT compliant carriers and have been flagged by a Illegal/noncompliant carrier. I get suspended for my suggestion and the Illegal carrier gets to haul the freight!!! STOP AND/OR Fine USHIP AND ITS ILLEGAL/NONCOMPLIANT CARRIERS NOW!!!

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  • Ca
      Nov 16, 2009 going live on dec 1 2009 much like the one spoke about above. But only carriers brokers with MC # will be permited to be on. Also I have moved some loads on uship cost me over 100 bucks in booking fees for all. And my customer had to make deposit. This one free to customer and highest booking fee ever to carrier / service provider is 10 bucks. And if you want to they offer direct billing instead of paying on c card. They will sent you a bill. I say the site on a flyer they sent me. On front page it has a area for report bad business. They want the site to work with only real companies doing real business. I emailed to get signed up

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  • De
      Nov 18, 2009

    Uship is still functional because they obviously can get away with it. Im not licensed or insured. I also fuel my rig with vegetable oil. I have absolutly no overhead cost. And I still function because I can get away with. Iv even been pulled over while on a job and all I had to say to the state trooper was "Im moving a car for a buddy". I don't even need a CDL because my trailer is registered for 7000lbs and I never have it loaded more than that. As long as I don't appear for hire, no one cares and I make a killing.

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  • Mc
      Nov 22, 2009

    Uship is now informing customers that they "collect a deposit on behalf of the carrier"- which is patently untrue.

    What really happens is this: Uship claims to have charged the carrier for booking the match with the shipper- in reality they charge nothing to the carrier- and charge the customer about 9% of the total bid- which is taken from the carrier- and then send an email saying they have "credited the carriers account with the shippers money".

    So when the carrier tries to seek a deposit- they look like a scammer- because Uship has already told the customer they credited the carrier with a deposit. They also charge the customer a fee on top of everything for accepting a bid.

    They effectively complete a confusing scam on the customer. They claim to charge the carrier for booking, which is then washed out by the customer fees of the same amount- which they say is a deposit to the carrier- and then they collect an administrative fee on top of it all. They collect every dime and no one makes any profit from this but them. A copy of their new updated even more exorbitant fees is below.


    Tiered Booking Fee Schedule, effective November 6, 2009
    Accepted Bid Price Final Booking Fee

    $0.01 - $500.00 12.9% of the value from $0.01 - $500.00, with a minimum fee of $19.99.

    $500.01 - $1, 500.00 10.9% of the remaining match balance ($500.01 - $1, 500.00), plus 12.9% of the value from $0.01 - $500.00.

    $1, 500.01 - $3, 000.00 8.9% of the remaining match balance ($1, 500.01 -
    $3, 000.00), plus 10.9% of the value from $500.01 - $1, 500.00, plus 12.9% of the value from $0.01 - $500.00.

    $3, 000.01 - $5, 000.00 6.9% of the remaining match balance ($3, 000.01 -
    $5, 000.00), plus 8.9% of the value from $1, 500.01 - $3, 000.00, plus 10.9% of the value from $500.01 - $1, 500.00, plus 12.9% of the value from $0.01 - $500.00.

    $5, 000.01 - $7, 500.00 4.9% of the remaining match balance ($5, 000.01 -
    $7, 500.00), plus 6.9% of the value from $3, 000.01 - $5, 000.00 plus 8.9% of the value from $1, 500.01 - $3, 000.00, plus 10.9% of the value from $500.01 - $1, 500.00, plus
    12.9% of the value from $0.01 - $500.00.

    $7, 500.01 - $10, 500.00 2.9% of the remaining match balance ($7, 500.01 -
    $10, 500.00), plus 4.9% of the value from $5, 000.01 - $7, 500.00, plus 6.9% of the value from $3, 000.01 - $5, 000.00, plus 8.9% of the value from $1, 500.01 - $3, 000.00, plus 10.9% of the value from $500.01 - $1, 500.00, plus 12.9% of the value from $0.01 - $500.00.

    More than $10, 500.00 0.9% of the remaining match balance ($10, 500.01 and up), plus 2.9% of the value from $7, 500.01 - $10, 500.00, plus 4.9% of the value from $5, 000.01 - $7, 500.00, plus 6.9% of the value from $3, 000.01 - $5, 000.00, plus 8.9% of the value from $1, 500.01 - $3, 000.00, plus 10.9% of the value from $500.01 - $1, 500.00, plus 12.9% of the value from $0.01 - $500.00.


    They also conveniently collect from both the customer and the carrier if there is a cancellation and CHARGE AN AN ADDITIONAL FEE. And since they list no phone numbers to their site- unless you look at their company whois- you will be charged the fees with no recourse.

    There are so many thinly veiled lies within this company its absolutely stunning that they get away with it.

    They do nothing about illegal carriers and brokers- but they require you to input a credit card to confirm your identity. With no contact info- and no way to talk to anyone liveo n the site- you have no idea why they need to confirm your info when they claim to have no legal responsibility for it.

    Short answer to that is- they want your credit card now too- so that when matches cancel- they can still make money.

    This company reported earnings between 1-10 million last year. And that is shameful.

    Cant someone create a competitor? Please let me know if you do.

    Uship lies- simple as that.

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  • Bi
      Dec 08, 2009

    It's time to stop UShip in their tracks. A class action law suit may well be the answer. If you have been scammed by UShip or have knowledge of anyone who has, please contact me asap with the pertinent info and a way to get in touch with you. This includes those of us who have been "flagged" for trying to inform customers of UShip policies and how shipments are charged - who pays for what. I was flagged for telling a customer there was no way someone could haul 1600 miles in a single day! Hello!? Together we can do more than complain about them - we can shut them down and maybe even have them and their employees arrested and charged criminally. They are brokers, operating without a brokers license, charging outrageous fees, leading the customer to believe the fees are going to the carrier, and adversely affecting the relationship between the customer and the carrier in general. They are also prohibiting communication between the carrier and the customer which could well be a violation of your (and my) civil rights. PLEASE help get documentation together to go after these guys. I just created a domain name - SHUTDOWNUSHIP.COM - and will need help developing this site. Thanks ... Bruce

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  • Us
      Jan 12, 2010

    Subject: INVITATION

    I’d like to bring our organization and discussion forum to your attention. We hope you are the kind of concerned legal carrier who will want to participate and help accomplish our mission. Although we are presently primarily working with authorities in the Mid West (Missouri-Kansas), we hope to spread and expand to cultivate interest throughout the US.

    We believe the "Stop Illegal Trucking" organization is providing a much needed service. Our research has discovered numerous carriers operating without USDOT interstate authority, required insurance, and numerous other violations. Our effort is to expose those who ignore safety and operate illegally. I feel the most important role and objective of "Stop Illegal Trucking" is our effort to educate and elevate the level of awareness of the problems in the industry. By stimulating our elected officials, law enforcement, and the general public to take action, they contribute to improved safety on our highways. We believe the "Stop Illegal Trucking" website forum is informative and entertaining containing comments and articles of interest to everyone involved in any part of the trucking industry. The majority of our membership is comprised of small motor interstate motor carriers operating one or two commercial vehicles. These are the carriers most hurt by illegal operators hauling without authority and cutting freight prices. Too many of these are operating “under the radar” and escape the scrutiny of enforcement authorities.


    The mission of Stop Illegal Trucking is to provide a method for elevating the awareness level of the general public, enforcement authorities, consumer advocacy groups, and elected officials about illegal trucking activities. Stop Illegal Trucking will provide a forum available to all for the purpose of sharing information on illegal trucking activities and other topics of mutual interest. Stop Illegal Trucking will work legally and ethically while protecting the privacy of the supporters of this cause.

    The website main page can be found at:

    The discussion forum entered by clicking on the red stop sign on the main page or by going directly to:

    The Stop Illegal Trucking Organization’s Administrators are working to schedule a meeting with the Captain of Missouri FMCSA, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the President of Missouri Motor Carriers Association. Our objective is to discuss ways to diminish the numbers of Illegal Truckers on our highways. Presently we’re primarily concentrating on Missouri, but we’re optimistic we can expand interest to other state’s officials over all regions of the Continental United States.

    This meeting is to consist of a presentation describing the Stop Illegal Trucking Organization and to propose operation concepts that will result more rigid enforcement, especially along the I-70 and I-44 corridors in Missouri . The primary focus of the presentation will be consistent with Stop Illegal Trucking Organization’s emphasis on safety and the dangers posed by Illegal Truckers. However, in these days of economic stress, even for enforcement managers, we will also present approaches that will enable officials to recognize the vast amount of revenues being lost as a direct result of freight haulers operating without authority. We will show how $$$ losses from registration fees, UCR fees, inspection fees and other applicable permits & license are not collected as a result of those Illegal Truckers running under the radar.

    WE NEED EVERY MEMBER’S HELP………. Send your ideas and recommendations to either Brooks ([protected] or myself ([protected] We will review every recommendation and suggestion for ways to include it in the presentation material.

    The meeting will likely be scheduled in the January/February 2010 timeframe, so with we don’t have a lot of time to get it together. This may very well be the big break we’ve strived for and really get enforcement’s attention and cooperation. Again, every member’s ideas are valuable and I personally invite and encourage you to submit your thoughts.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Brooks, Tony or myself. We hope to see you as a new member soon.

    Thank you

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  • Us
      Jan 12, 2010

    There are extremely good detailed articles and "comments" about Uship at the links below.

    The 1st link and its s comments are a MUST read!

    Uship's Top 100 transporters for 2008

    Look at what the state of California has to say about UShip and the cautions that need to be exercised.

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  • Us
      Jan 12, 2010

    For a good sampling of what you may experience when using one of 1000's of illegally operating Carriers on Uship, just GOOGLE the entire phrase below. Click on the results and read through the feedback of the 100's if not 1000's of incidents of stolen money, property, property damage, extortion and abandoned property.

    These profiles were suspended, but the damage was already done. The suspensions are done to keep this information from damaging the site‘s reputation and not let the truth trump the propaganda that the site publishes all over the internet.


    This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended)

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