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Delivery person

1. I posted a shipment for bid. Driver accepted, but then kept trying to make a deal outside of Uship. I refused and reported him. He was blocked for a day and got his account reinstated.
2. I re-posted the the item and raised the bid. Same driver accepted the bid and all seemed okay, except he said he would "appreciate a gratuity", which I didn't like.
3. He showed up with a vehicle that he said wouldn't fit down my street and made me drive him around neighborhood checking clearance. He ended up walking the table down the street. Table has a stain on the marble that was not there in EBay picture (had it in a car trailer).
4. After putting table in side, driver demanded DOUBLE the amount he'd accepted on UShip and claimed I knew about it. There was NEVER any discussion about that. I told him we had no such agreement and he got angry and menacing. I'm a small, disabled female and this driver got up in my face and demanded I pay him double AND told me repeatedly he wanted a "handful of cash" from me. It felt like a robbery. I told him I would go inside and release the payment that was agreed upon. He insisted that wasn't good enough and wanted me to load USHIP app on my phone and do it in front of him! He kept standing over me and saying, "I NEED TO GET PAID". HE also said, "Nobody would do it for that amount" meaning the amount he'd accepted. Since we never had any agreement other than the one made through Uship, I began to question his mental stability. It was terrifying and I was afraid for my safety. This is NOT acceptable in any way. I repeated that I was going to go inside and release the payment using my computer and walked inside. He finally left, muttering something about, "He'd take the $175". Also, the insurance does not cover any scratches, dents or chips. What else is there? And the deductible is exorbitant on antiques ($750).

account suspended for no good reason

Everybody Sorry to say this, I had a Very bad and poor experience with this company Just because me and my...

Illegal Drivers

Uship lets people do illegal business on there site. Its up to the person registering there services if there going to be honest or not. Most people bid loads do not have the proper commercial insurance and dodge DOT scales, this is why they can under bid most legit company's on there. They take advantage of the customer. I realize people want a good deal but reality is if someone is hauling your stuff and they bid less than a $1 a mile they are illegally hauling. Uship does not enforce this as they make money off the customer listing the item and make money off the company shipping it. they are the only load board out there that does not require you to list your DOT or Motor carrier# witch is a must as if you have a Motor carriers number you are listed with the federal govt witch makes sure you have the proper license and insurance to operate in each state. They have made a show out of this company and I guess that were they think they are above the law

car transport

I contacted Naveen Sharma (phone-+[protected], +[protected]) feom Uship delhi service branch, who...

auto pickup and delivery

I used uship to ship a boat a few years back and had no issues so I was surprised to encounter so many issues with shipping my car. I cannot give a good recommendation to ace auto transport or safe auto transport. I accepted ace’s bid to ship my car 10/23/2017 "10/27/2017. Jeff told me he would work with me. He told me to give him a week’s notice to line up a driver. My new car arrived 10/17/2017, so I notified jeff so that he had a week’s notice. That night I received a call saying the driver (Safe auto transport) will be picking up my car in the morning. I called jeff (Ace) and explained that I was picking up my new car in the morning and would not be home. What happened to the week notice? He said he would take care of it. The next day while at the dealership the driver calls and wants the car! He said he never received notification from jeff (Ace). So I rushed back to load up my car" good thing I already cleaned it out. I spoke to the driver because the car was to be delivered next week and now it could not be accepted by my son until after 4pm on thursday. The driver agreed. Off he went from sarasota, florida to cambridge, mass on tuesday around 4pm. Wednesday he calls my son and says he is delivering thursday morning! My son calls the number the driver left and it goes to voice mail "mailbox is full. I call safe auto transport and explain that the car cannot be delivered until after 4pm on thursday and that the driver told me personally that that would work. He had the driver call me. The driver said he had cars to pick up and would deliver in the dark from 8pm to midnight. Ok, so what can we do? Thursday morning he calls my son and says his “friend” has the car and will deliver it at 4:30pm. So questions are" did the driver sleep at all on the way from florida to mass? Why is a friend delivering the car? I feel that we were held hostage by these companies and can not recommend them to anyone. Their uship app with tracking does not work either.

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I made an agreement between myself and a private individual to purchase a dog. Over email she told me the total cost would be $600.00 and I would have to pay that to the shipping company who then pay her her share. So, I sent the $600 and almost immediately, the shipping company U Ship Transport sent me an email saying I had to commit $1700 to a cage. I told them I could not nor was that my agreement. I asked for my money back. They refused. I had no agreement with them. So, they have my money and I don't have the dog. They have a $600 dog and my money. I'll follow up with a suit. Be careful, U Ship will steal your money.

  • L1
    L11D04 Oct 10, 2017

    Hi there, I am just wondering if you ever got your money back? And what happened? Me and my partner have just had the same experience and lost €700.

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vehicle transportation

Another disappointed customer. I had two separately contracted drivers who bagged on me the last minute for a...


I shipped some meds via this shipping service uShip and it was the most terrible experience ever! Meds were very important and I even paid for fast delivery, but package was delivered days later than I was promised. I was in contact with them and tried to find out where my package was and when will it reach the final destination, but these people were absolutely unprofessional and were not able to tell anything. I will never use them again, they are horrible and I would not trust them!

I was the seller of a baby grand piano...

This company SUCKS. I sold a piano to a great great lady. The company that picked it up through USHIP was Gerald Brown from Georgia. He was two days late and when he arrived proclaimed to be a piano mover but had no clue how to dismantle the legs! He and his cohort then used a flat dolly with no plywood and marred and scratched my 2 year old white oak wood floors. As then went down the concrete steps (just two) they chipped my those too. Upon gathering the estimates, the floor is over $1000.00 to refinish and the steps are almost $800.00 to re pour. USHIP wants nothing to do with it and turned the buyer over to the insurance company in Roanoke where they said NO THANKS. They told me to put a claim in with my homeowners (and raise my rates for something that Gerald Brown did). They told me to just try and contact his insurance company now! The buyer feels so horrible...I get left with scratched up floor, chipped steps and told to basically pound salt. Everyone made out but me! I should of given the baby grand piano away at this rate. This company has no integrity. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

Cynthia Girman

Jun 1, 9:49 PM CDT

Sam, I truly hope uShip can help here. Sheri is the seller of what I had shipped. There is no reason for her to be responsible for damages that Gerald Brown caused. Roanoke Insurance says that the insurance covers the piano which was not damaged and suggested that she file with her homeowners or pursue a claim with Gerald Browns insurance. The former us not acceptable - it was not her fault, nor an act of nature, and her insurance rates should not have to go up. What recourse do we have? Can you contact Gerald Brown? Should we pursue it up the chain of uShip? It is hard for me to understand a business model where uShip coordinates shipping with carriers but does not take responsibility for damages that the carrier makes to a home out of negligence. If this is really the business model, then I agree with Sherri that people need to know that

I truly hope you can help
Thank you
sherri rapp

Jun 1, 8:12 PM CDT

This is ridiculous that I had my floor destroyed as well as my steps by Gerald Brown. No Cindy is told NO ONE can help ME?????????? I"m the victim...I have all the damage in my house and Gerald Brown is walking away smiling. I I'm going to call an attorney and see what my rights are as well as post on facebook for NO-ONE to ever use USHIP as you have not integrity.
I sold the piano for 2500.00 and now I"m out 1700.00...I could of given it away at this cost. I want the phone numbers of your supervisor and insurance company. I want Gerald Browns insurance information that you clearly must have on file for him to even register and work off of USHIP.
I have been patient through this entire horrible process...Cindy has been outstanding and a darn right honest and caring person. I am now at the end of my rope.
Sherri M. Rapp

Sam S. (uShip)

May 31, 9:22 AM CDT

Good Morning Cynthia,

Thanks for your response, and I am sorry for the slow follow-up. I hope you had a great holiday weekend. Unfortunately because we are not the insurance party, we cannot help customers submit a claim. Rather, they need to do so from their profile by going to their listing, and then File a Claim. For questions about filing a claim, you can definitely contact Roanoke directly at [protected]. You can let them know you are a uShip customer, and they can answer any questions that pertain to your specific claim! They will have better insight as to how it will be filed with Sheri's issues as well.

Let me know how that goes!

Sam S. | Customer Success Associate | uShip Customer Operations

Sam S. (uShip)

Jun 2, 10:52 AM CDT

Sherri and Cynthia,

Thank you for your updates.

Sherri, I can definitely understand the frustration you have with all of this, and can assure you I have been doing everything I can from my end to come towards a resolution. As advised, I am glad you were able to submit a claim to Roanoke, but I am sorry that in the end your floors were not covered. Please understand, that as a shipping customer on our site it is the responsibility of them to make sure their shipment is covered, which is what Cynthia did in her case. uShip unfortunately cannot control what forms of damage that Roanoke will cover, this is a third party with their own policies and procedures. I do think that Roanoke would have the best advice as to what to do next though, and it may be best to try to file through Gerald's insurance as advised.

Gerald, as Sherri and Cynthia have both been going through the claims process as advised by uShip with no luck, I ask that you now step in and answer some questions to help us out. If Sherri chooses to file a claim through her homeowners insurance we ask that you give your insurance info as needed. As your carriers you assigned to this damaged Sherri's floor, we do expect you to fully help rectify this situation and take responsibility for their negligence.

Please respond within 24 hours, or we will place a hold on your uShip account.

Thanks in advance,

Sam S. | Customer Success Associate | uShip Customer Operations

I was the seller of a baby grand piano...
I was the seller of a baby grand piano...
I was the seller of a baby grand piano...
I was the seller of a baby grand piano...
I was the seller of a baby grand piano...
I was the seller of a baby grand piano...
I was the seller of a baby grand piano...
I was the seller of a baby grand piano...
I was the seller of a baby grand piano...

  • Sh
    sherrirapp Jun 03, 2016

    I would like the money to restore the floors and step back according to the quotes. ASAP>

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I was looking at a stove on ebay I then signed up on uship they gave me average costs of point to point...

Cerrillos Other

they took money, but their team didn't start the job

I contacted them about the plumbing services. It was real waste of time, because Guruship Developments Inc...

shipping people not being held responsible for their payment of damages

One of their Shipper damage a headboard that he did not secure and protect. I had to refund the money to...

very misleading

So I bid on a honda atv on ebay and on the listing uship offers to provide estimate and multiple moving companies. Their estimate is $493. I buy the atv. I sign up for their auction of carriers. Eight days later... End of the auction... One bid $699. So their estimate is 40 % off... Forty percent
So word to the wise if you are going to move something with wheels on it, don't trust uship
Take a few minutes, search the web and you will make an informed purchased with real costs... And you will be much smarter that uship

  • Cr
    Creative_Genius Jan 29, 2015

    UShip is a competitive bidding situation. eBay offers an estimate based on similar equipment, miles, etc. However, if no one is going your way, or doesn't want to bid on your job, realist and try again. It's not bays fault.

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  • Bk
    BKK TRANSPORT Feb 01, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Beware. did suspend our account because we did complain to bbb (Better business bureau) about them being rude and not professional customer service with us. On top it when we had suggestion how the company to work better they were yelling us on the phone. Stay away from

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over billing

Wile accepting a bid to ship 2 motorcycles to FL clicked continue but inadvertently overlooked a small easily...

customer service & insurance response = zero help

Contracted through USHIP to have an expensive military generator trailer moved from Atlanta to Raleigh. In transit the shipper failed to secure several panels on the generators which subsequently "fell off" during transit. The covers are impossible to locate used and the missing panels render my generators unusable for my application (same cover on each of my two generators was lost). Repeated calls to USHIP customer service and repeated e-mails yielded zero contact with someone there that would help. Meaning nobody EVER called me back regarding my claim. It's been a month and many different attempts to reach them and still no returned call. I paid for USHIP Insurance on my load, through USHIP's website, and still nothing. I find the measure of a company's value to be measured not when things are going well but when things do not go well. How USHIP dealt with me (or didn't deal with me at all) when I needed them most tells me volumes about what they think of their customers and what "Customer Service" and "Insurance" mean to them. Short answer = all three mean nothing at all. I highly recommend looking anywhere but USHIP for your shipping needs.

customer service & insurance response = zero help
customer service & insurance response = zero help
customer service & insurance response = zero help
customer service & insurance response = zero help

  • Ja
    Jaftica Dec 08, 2013

    Since the transporter failed to either secure the panels or simply take them off during transit tells me he was a inexpierenced transporter. I have personally transported those generators and simply threw a tarp over them to ensure nothing fell off while cruising 70+ mph. As for uship and the insurance issue: Doesn't surprise me one bit that no one has responded to your emails or phone calls as they have already collected their hefty fee for the transaction and could give a rats ### about you or your generators. I am assuming you bought the "bogus" insurance from uship? FYI, If you choose an illegal transporter to transport your generator then the insurance is null and void. Only the illegals would need such coverage as ALL legal transporters carry 100, 000 cargo insurance with no risk to you. No deductable, No hassles, No [email protected]&%t!. My suggestion is to contact the FMCSA to report your carrier and uship. You could also file a complaint with the BBB in Austin TX but I beleive uship has them payed off and will simply brush your complaint under the rug like they have with thousands of others. Kindly keep us posted on your findings as they are a group of us that will SINK the ship.

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they started asking for more money.

We went on Uship Delivery Service website that state that they deliver dogs. My husband and I went to pay the money at western union and, they said they bring the dog to our door step. Then when it came down to getting the dog they started asking for more money.

didn't ship the puppy

I wanted to buy English Bulldog for my girlfriend and surfing on the internet I found out a woman who was selling a puppy for free. She told I have to pay money for shipping to Uship Pets Flight. I paid them twice and they are still asking me for more money.

  • Mi
    midge87 Feb 01, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Because it's a scam... There's no such place as UShip pets, it's a well known scam along the same vain as "Your great great uncle you don't know died and left you millions of dollars, if you send us a thousand dollars for the paperwork we'll get that money straight to you".

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don't use this company

Purchased dog from a guy I found on craigslist and he told that dog is already on its way via Ushippets Courier Worldwide. I waited for a week but nothing has arrived and once I contacted this shipping company they told me that no such order is registered with them.

a&e network

We would like to have any consumer that has been frauded by uship or it's bidders call and request to talk to the producer's of the show "shipping wars", a&e corp. Office phone number is [protected] let them know you would like to talk to david mckillop or elaine frontain, neil a. Cohen and tell these producer's about all the fraud on uship and that about 85% od there directory for auto hauler are company's with out operating authority (Mc number) and no insurance to haul ideams for hirer, below is the time this show will air on a&e
10-episode half-hour series follows teams of independent shippers bidding for the chance to transport the unshippable
Premieres tuesday, january 10 at 9pm and 9:30pm et/pt
A&e presents the new original real-life series "shipping wars," which follows six independent shippers who have discovered that fortunes could be made transporting items that traditional carriers won't touch. The 10-episode half-hour series begins with back-to-back episodes tuesday, january 10 at 9pm and 9:30pm et/pt.

Each episode of "shipping wars" dives into the cutthroat world of these heavy-duty movers as they battle for the chance to transport the unshippable. The competition begins with uship, the world’s largest online auction house for independent truckers. Every day, thousands of shipments are put up for auction. The battle is fierce as the movers have only minutes to bid, and the lowest bidder gets the load.
A&e need's to know about uship and there lies.

Thank you

scams & misleading info

We like to share our complaint about, this is not a transport company, they are directory where your ideams are bided on by trucking company's, Most of the trucking company's on USHIP have no business license to transport anything and they still are able to because of website this website does not check or keep up with the company's on there site as far as if they are legal trucking company's and Trotter Auto Transport guarante's that, About 85% of the bider's are not legal trucking company's, Thats right 85% of these company's are operating illegally, No commercial insurance no operating authority (mc number) .
Uship's ads state up to 80% saving on auto transport, this is the biggest lie and scam I have ever seen. Uship charge's 20-22% on top on the bid's you receive be e-mail this is how they make there money, So if a vehicle shiped from Florida to so. california cost about $1000.00 dollars and this is not counting the 22% that uship will add to that price, how would you save 80% on auto transport because that mean's the vehicle would ship for $200 dollars and that would never happen, there is not a trucking company in the U.S. that would be able to make that happen.
All consumer please take the time for your safety to look at these trucking company's, There company name will be on the bid you receive by e-mail from USHIP all you have to do is type in WWW. plus there business name and do not forget the .COM at the end, If the trucking company is legal they will have a website and on there website will be there MC number and you should be able to click on that number to check and see if it's a legal company. If you go to our website you will see our MC number on the home page or just call us we will give you a free quote and look up any auto transport company for you and let you no if they are a legal company. Are office number is [protected] . Thank you and be safe.

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